10 Celebs Who Switched From Smoking To Vaping

Whether it’s fashion, cars or our very way of thinking, celebrities influence us a lot more than we’d probably like to admit, and this even extends to smoking, with lots of famous faces kicking their smoking habits in favour of vaping.

Here are ten celebs who have embraced vaping, which can only be a good thing for getting the word out there!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Perhaps the most famous vaper in the world is none other than Leonardo DiCaprio, who is often spotted around Hollywood with his vape.

Leo embraced vaping culture pretty early on and was pictured puffing away in Rao, one of New York’s most exclusive restaurants.

Most notably though, he cut a cool figure smoking a mod/tank combo at the 2016 Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, an image which sent the internet into meltdown!

Jack Nicholson

Leo’s Departed co-star, Jack Nicholson, has long been known for his love of cigarettes and cigars, so it’s great to see that he was pictured with an e-cigarette.

What’s particularly great about seeing Jack getting on board with vaping is that at the ripe old age of 80, he’s helping to bust the myth that vaping is only for younger people!

Katherine Heigl

The Grey’s Anatomy, Knocked Up, and The Ugly Truth star was another early adopter of vaping and even gave it a huge shout out on prime time TV in America, sharing a couple of puffs on her e-cig with host David Letterman.

You can check out the full clip above, where she actually spends most of the interview explaining how great vapes are!

Katy Perry

Did you know Katy Perry used to be a smoker? Either way, these days, she’s left the cigs behind and is now seen using a vape instead and was even seen sharing one with boyfriend Orlando Bloom at the Golden Globes. #RelationshipGoals

Samuel L. Jackson

If there’s one man who can make anything look cool, it’s Samuel L. Jackson, and vaping is no exception.

If you need proof, check out this video of him vaping while performing poetry on TV (as only Samuel L. Jackson could!).

He’s been known to buy some pretty crazy e-cigs, including this monster mod!

Lady Gaga

In the past, Lady Gaga has admitted to smoking clove cigars to cope with the stress and anxiety of her career but, in more recent times, she’s also been pictured with an e-cigarette instead. If anyone can prove to you that vaping can be classy, then it must be Gaga!

Courtney Love

Grunge star and widow of the late Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love has been another big advocate for vaping, appearing in an advert for NJOY e-cigs back in 2013.

In the ad, an older woman comes over to tell her off for smoking indoors, but in typical rock n’ roll fashion she responds with: “Relax, it’s a f***ing NJOY.”

Simon Cowell

Media mogul Simon Cowell has also made the switch to vaping and was quoted in the Sun a couple of years ago saying that the switch was mainly down to his young son. He said: “I have tried everything. If Eric grows up and says stop it, I don’t know what I would do. The Vape has been successful. It’s a good one, it tastes nice and sweet.”

Cowell even tried hypnotherapy to quit, so hopefully vaping is a little easier for him!


Perhaps following in her X-Factor co-star’s footsteps, former Girls Aloud star Cheryl has also taken up vaping, with the rumour being that she was asked to give up smoking to secure her spot on the show!

Kate Moss

Another celeb who is perhaps better known for her vices, in recent times, Kate Moss has taken up vaping as a much healthier alternative.

In fact, it’s reported that she loves her e-cigs so much that she even chartered a flight to bring them to her on holiday!


It’s great to see so many famous faces getting on board with vaping and, hopefully, it’ll encourage more people who currently smoke to do so.

Feel free to check out our vape kits and e-liquid if you fancy trying to look as cool at Leonardo DiCaprio does with that vape!