10 Reasons To Stop Smoking & Start Vaping This Stoptober

For those looking to quit smoking, vaping is one of the best solutions you can turn to. It’s recommended by the NHS Smokefree website as it’s a particularly effective and comparatively harmless way of giving up cigarettes, without falling foul to the nicotine cravings that so often cause would-be non-smokers to fall off the wagon.

Stoptober is a campaign which aims to encourage smokers to quit during October, based upon the finding that those who are able to stop for 28 days are 5 times more likely to quit for good.

Here at Cloudz Vapour we’re well-versed with the benefits of vaping, so we’ve put together this list of ten reasons why you should seriously consider stopping smoking, and giving vaping a try instead this Stoptober!

Your health

We’ve all seen the warnings on cigarette packets, and they’re well worth heeding. When you quit smoking, your risk of heart disease and strokes drop dramatically, as does the risk of lung cancer and other cancers such as mouth, throat, bladder, pancreas and cervical.

Save money

The financial benefits of quitting smoking are staggering. On average, the majority of those who choose to quit smoking save around £250 per month, so think what you can save in a year!

Of course, when switching to vaping you will still need to buy e-liquids, but bottles of juice last far longer than a packet of cigarettes, and we always have great deals and a variety of money-saving bundles here at Cloudz.

The smell

It’s a fact. If you smoke, you smell like an ashtray. We’re sorry to say it, and we still like you as a person, but if you could stand a few feet away from us that would be great.

When you take up vaping, you’ll get far fewer complaints, people will want to be near you again, and some people may even enjoy the smell of your vape!

Your taste buds

Once you quit smoking, your sense of taste and smell will increase. Smoking dulls these senses, but with vaping you will suddenly be able to appreciate food on a whole new level.

Nicotine cravings

As anybody who has tried and failed to quit smoking knows, the nicotine withdrawal phase of giving up cigarettes can be brutal, and cause many to throw the towel in. Vaping is a great way to reduce harm while still getting your nicotine fix.

The habit

Those quitting smoking often find that it’s tricky to find a suitable habit to replace having a cig, and some may even miss the throat hit that comes with taking a drag. This is an area where vaping most definitely beats going cold turkey, or other nicotine replacement methods!

No more losing your lighter

“Have you got a lighter?” has got to be the number one most asked question on the planet, surely. And the answer is usually no because yours’ keep getting nicked. Luckily, you don’t need to light an e-cig, so you won’t have that problem anymore.

Say goodbye to passive smoking

No need to fret about the harm you are doing to those around you when you switch to vaping! While you may still annoy people a little with your clouds, at least you won’t be affecting their health.

Vanity reasons

It isn’t just your internal health that is affected by cigarettes: your skin, hair and nails all suffer too. So if you switch to vaping you can say goodbye to sallow skin, yellowing teeth, and yellow nails.

The vaping community

When you take up vaping, you’ll discover that there is a great community of people who are all on the same journey as you.

Whether it’s on online forums, blogs such as Vape Vine here at Cloudz Vapours, or people you know who have been vaping for a while, you’ll always have someone to give you advice and plenty of success stories to be inspired by.


We hope this has given you some pretty solid reasons to throw away that packet of L&B and grab yourself a vape kit instead! If you need a little guidance when it comes to the dizzying flavour choices on offer, check out our guide to the best e-liquid flavours for ex-smokers just starting out here.