10 Things You Should Never Say To A Vaper

Vaping is an extremely popular habit in the UK, with around 2.3 million people using a vaping device regularly.

And, whether you’re vaping to quit smoking or because you enjoy the range of flavours available to you, there’s a level of understanding within the vaping community around the practice.

However, within the public, there are plenty of misconceptions about vaping that can lead to some rather awkward encounters.

Here, we’ve found 10 things you should never say to a vaper, to help clear up any misunderstandings.

E-cigs are worse for you than cigarettes

This is one of the most common things that vapers hear when out and about and is something you should definitely not say to a vaper, simply because it isn’t true.

There have been extensive reports undertaken to understand the effect of vaping and Public Health England declared e-cigarettes to be 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

You don’t know what’s gone into them

Another corker, this statement is again not true and should be avoided when talking to a vaper.

There seems to be a widespread view that e-cigarettes are made up of all the chemicals under the sun when in fact they contain thousands less than traditional cigarettes and usually contain only four ingredients.

And, as e-liquid bottles have ingredient labels, you can see exactly what’s in your vape juice!

You shouldn’t vape around others

Whilst it’s essential that vapers are conscientious around others and take into account their surroundings, many people believe vapers shouldn’t use vaping devices around others because of the harm of secondhand smoke.

However, vaping devices don’t produce any smoke, only a thin vapour, which contains mostly flavourings and additives unless you opt for a nicotine blend. This vapour is much less harmful to others than traditional tobacco.

Vaping is really expensive

Another frequent comment from non-vapers is about the expense involved in the habit, with many people believing it to be as expensive, if not more, than traditional cigarettes.

However, after the initial outlay on the starter kit, vaping is much cheaper than smoking, only involving e-liquids and replacement atomisers.

You can’t vape in here

Many people take it upon themselves to decide where folk can and can’t vape because they believe vaping falls under smoking laws, despite having no knowledge of the rules.

Whilst some individual places have banned vaping, there are no laws that restrict vaping as a whole so it’s wise to check the protocol of where you’re at before telling a vaper what to do.

You’ll get addicted to vaping

Again, many people like to smugly declare to vapers that they’ll end up addicted to e-cigarettes.

However, this isn’t a wise conversation starter, as a report in 2015 found that e-cigarettes are less addictive than traditional tobacco cigarettes. And, to top it off, many vapers choose to use a non-nicotine blend which doesn’t contain any addictive substances.

They blow up all the time

With a few high-profile stories hitting the media, many members of the public have a misconception that vaping devices are prone to spontaneously combust. And, just like any other charging device, there is the potential for danger when not used properly.

However, if you follow the instructions of the device, pay attention to any warnings, and closely monitor the device when charging, there’s little potential for danger, so brush up on your facts before you preach to the nearest vaper.

You should try to quit

Another prevalent comment made to vapers is that they should just try to quit.

Well done, genius. It’s astonishing that many people don’t realise that some vapers are using e-cigarettes to try to quit in the long run, so why not find out a bit more about the situation at hand before you make any snarky comments.

I quit cold turkey

Whilst most vapers will be very supportive if you’ve managed to kick the habit to the curb, there’s a better way to start a discussion than throwing their vaping habits in their faces.

It’s great if going cold turkey helped you, but it doesn’t work for everyone and for some, vaping is the only way they can quit. So, rather than belittling their method of quitting, try supporting them on their journey.

I didn’t know you smoked

Finally, this one is a big no-no. Despite the widespread use of e-cigarettes, many people still view vaping and smoking as the same thing.

Fact: it isn’t.

So, we hope this has cleared up some of the common misconceptions that vapers encounter and stops you from putting your foot in it next time you meet an e-cig user!