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7 Comebacks For When People Tell You That Vaping Is Bad For You

November 28, 2017

Smoking devices have been around in some form for hundreds of years and the modern electronic cigarette was first patented in 1930 by Joseph Robinson. Since then, e-cigarettes have evolved in many forms to become what we know today, with the first commercially successful e-cigarette created by Hon Lik in…

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10 Things You Should Never Say To A Vaper

Vaping is an extremely popular habit in the UK, with around 2.3 million people using a vaping device regularly. And, whether you’re vaping to quit smoking or because you enjoy the range of flavours available to you, there’s a level of understanding within the vaping community around the practice. However,…

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Five Vaping Tricks You Can Actually Do

November 23, 2017

Many people don’t realise that vaping isn’t just for those looking to quit smoking. In fact, there’s a much more fun side to it, with many international competitions built around the art of performing vaping tricks. However, many newbies are intimidated by these impressive stunts and often don’t know where…

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How to Tell When Your Coil Needs Changing

November 18, 2017

Every mod coil (the part of your e-cig which heats up and vaporizes the vape liquid) has a limited lifespan, but exactly how long it will last depends on a number of things, including how often you vape and what kind of juice you’re using. So, how do you know…

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