4 New Flavours to Wrap your Tongue Around

We’re here with some epic new e-juice flavours to conquer those winter blues, and with four new picks to choose from, we’re pretty sure that there’ll be something to tantalise every taste-bud.

Now enough with the pre-amble and onto the good stuff…

Thai Boba from Jazzy Boba


Fans of Jazzy Boba’s bubble tea offering will love this latest selection – combining flavours of thai tea, milk and honey to make something with a little sophistication for all you e-juice connoisseurs.

A perfect breakfast vape that’s equally pleasant on a long and lazy afternoon, Thai Boba is a high VG flavouring that we’re sure you’re gonna love; next time you invite your mates round for a brew, be sure to put this on the menu.

I Love Cookies from Mad Hatter

I Love Cookies

Do you love cookies? Enough said: this Mad Hatter juice delivers on its promises and more, mixing that cookie taste with caramel, strawberry and milk. The stunning ‘cookie box’ packaging shows just how much care has been put into ensuring that every little detail is right – and you’ll love experiencing the payoff to this quest for perfection.

Afterparty from Teleos

Teleos Afterparty

The end of the night is the start of the after party, and Teleos have come up with the perfect complementary flavouring. Take a drag on this juice and you’ll experience the sweet taste of fried dough, raspberry jam and powdered sugar: an indulgent treat to help keep you up all night.

Pink Grapefruit from Element

Element Grapefruit


We had to make sure that a fruity flavour would hit the list, and Element haven’t disappointed, with a pink lemonade and grapefruit combo that has that all important tang. We all know that a glass of grapefruit juice is one of the freshest ways to start the day, and you can get the same early morning wake-up call by making Pink Grapefruit your go to morning e-juice.

With 80% VG, this juice is also all about the clouds, making it great for all you cloud-chasers out there.

All these juices and many more are available right here, right now, so if you want to add a new concoction it’s as simple as placing an order or dropping us a line. An expert member of the Cloudz Vapour team will see that all of your needs are met.