6 New Additions to the Cloudz Family


From e-juices in the UK to brand spanking new coils, our vaping family is expanding yet again in a burst of stunning, elegant and vapourlicious products!


Cloupor GT 80w Temp Sensing

First to arrive to our family is the fantastic temperature controlled masterpiece… Cloupor GT 80w!

First of its kind in our vaping family, the Cloupor GT 80w is the smallest Dual 18650 Mod. It likes socialising with other vapours and can happily spend hours puffing away. Never shy of showing off its sheek high precision 6061 billet aluminium body, Cloupor GT 80w boasts an amazingly light weight compared to Baby Cloupor Mini 30w!

Sorry, but with 1-80 wattage allowing you a stronger, longer vaping experience, it seems that Cloupor GT is putting Baby in the corner.



Wismec Presa 40w

More responsible than its cousin, Wismec Presa 40w has flown all the way from our Californian designers to live amongst its UK family!

Unique in every sense, Wismec Presa 40w’s ergonomically sculpted body enjoys sitting comfortably in the palm of your hand. Always the gentleman, Wismec Presa 40w sports a firing button the length of its body and, because its ever the cautious fellow, a manual locking system keeps any accidental firing from being triggered. With an OLED screen and adjustable setting buttons Wismec Presa 40w ensures you have complete control, especially when it comes to clicking between its 40watt and 10volt settings.

Its cautiousness doesn’t end there, oh no; temperature protected, Wismec Presa 40w automatically turns off if things get too hot!



Aspire Triton Sub Tank

They say the younger siblings are more fun to be around and our latest member to the tank family definitely has a trick or two up its… coil…

Carrying the best of both worlds on its shoulders, Aspire Triton Sub Tank boasts the same style airflow adjustments and drip tip as its siblings, however, its adjustable airflow allows this little tanker to change its airflow according to what you dial into its settings!

Sub Tank also enjoys wearing effective accessories such as subohm coils and useful top fill method to make the most out of its…er…system.



Aspire Triton SUB-OHM COILS 0.3/0.4 Ohm (5pcs)

As with every family you always get that one member following you around everywhere. Though Aspire Triton Tank may not enjoy being followed around, it’s no secret that Tank and Coil work perfectly together to give you the best vaping experience!



Aspire Triton RTA coil

No family is complete without a little hardcore influence and with an RTA coil that allows you to create your very own coils and wicks, what’s not to love about this latest hardcore addition to our Aspire Triton family?



Kanger SUB-OHM Verticle OCC 0.5Ohm

When our trustworthy Kangertech Sub-tank needs a little extra hand after a long day of delivering you scrummy vapours, who could possibly lend a helping hand better than Kanger SUB-OHM Verticle OCC?



With more and more people flocking to see our ever expanding family every day, you don’t want to miss out! If you’d like to join our vaping family, drop us an email today!