7 Comebacks For When People Tell You That Vaping Is Bad For You

Smoking devices have been around in some form for hundreds of years and the modern electronic cigarette was first patented in 1930 by Joseph Robinson. Since then, e-cigarettes have evolved in many forms to become what we know today, with the first commercially successful e-cigarette created by Hon Lik in Beijing in 2003.

But, despite the widespread commercial success of vaping devices, many people still view them negatively. Whilst the long-term effects of vaping are yet to be understood, there are numerous ways that vaping is better for you than smoking.

Here, we’ve found seven comebacks for when people tell you that vaping is bad for you so you can set the record straight once and for all.

Better for your health

One of the main arguments that people use when criticising you for vaping is the health argument. People like to argue that vaping is full of chemicals and dangerous ingredients, meaning they’re bad for your health.

However, you can smugly inform them that vaping has actually been proven to be much less harmful to your health in many ways. With lower levels of nicotine, zero tobacco content, zero irritant smoke particles, and thousands less chemicals than traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes pose a much lower threat to your health. They can also help to reduce your risk of major diseases and cancer.

In fact, Public Health England stated that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco.

Protecting others from smoking

If people say that vaping is bad for you, you can inform them that, in fact, vaping is much better for you and your family.

By reducing the second-hand smoking levels in your household, you prevent health issues to your loved ones and can improve relationships with your family by spending quality time with them, rather than spending your time out the back with a cigarette in your hand.

A happier household and a healthier household will have huge benefits to you, and are one of the great benefits to vaping.

Safer than smoking

According to the London Fire Brigade, smoking is the most common cause of fire deaths in the home and statistics show smoking-related incidents as one of the top causes of fires, behind cooking and electrical appliances.

It makes sense, considering cigarettes are literally burning tubes of tobacco. Switching to vaping, on the other hand, can reduce the risk of fires and combustion (as long as proper charging procedures are followed).

You can use this as an argument against anyone who says that vaping is bad for you because not burning in a fire is always a benefit!

Better for your pocket

Another benefit to vaping over smoking traditional cigarettes is the amount of money you can save.

Vaping can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds a year, depending on how many cigarettes you smoked previously. This can buy you a new laptop, the new iPhone X, or even a holiday abroad. This tool by the NHS even lets you calculate the amount of money you could save.

Whilst this is a more tenuous comeback, vaping certainly isn’t bad for your pocket so you can hit back with this fact!

Improves your senses

Smoking dulls your senses, including your smell and your taste. Switching to vaping can help to recover these, with many ex-smokers seeing an improvement in their senses after only a few days.

Vaping can’t be bad, can it, if it helps you to smell the roses and taste the deliciousness of pizza?

Less addictive

Whilst this is still in the early stages and despite there being much more that needs to be learned from it, some reports suggest that vaping could be less addictive than traditional cigarettes.

This study in 2015 found that e-cigarettes users were less addicted to e-cigarettes than smokers were addicted to tobacco cigarettes, as well as those who use nicotine gum. Even though some e-cigarettes users were dependant on e-cigs which contained nicotine, these devices were still less addictive than tobacco cigarettes.

Better appearance

Finally, vaping can vastly improve your overall appearance. Whilst this is a more aesthetic consideration, you can still use this against anyone who says that vaping is bad.

Vaping removes the bad odour that is associated with tobacco and smoking, as well as improving sallow and ageing skin by increasing oxygen and nutrients in the skin. It can also reduce the yellow nature of nails and teeth by removing the tobacco element from smoking.

So there you have it! These comebacks can all be used to set the record straight on vaping and put those nay-sayers in their place.