A Cosmic Journey For Everyone

If you’re looking for flavours that are out of this world, look no further! Cosmic Fog is specifically designed to provide you with the best vaping experience you can possibly imagine, filled with bold, creative flavours you’ve never thought possible. We’re always on the hunt for incredibly delicious e-juices that will leave your taste buds salivating, and we found that with Cosmic Fog!

The brand has proven itself to be a success with our vape family, as they certainly know how to create strong, tasty flavours, as well as thick clouds for all of you chasers out there – their juice is so good that we wish we could catch Cosmic Fog bottles on Pokémon GO like this:

Does anyone know where to catch these?

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Especially Crafted For You

Cosmic Fog pays a lot of attention to their vape fans, as they spend months developing the perfect blends and ensuring they’ll never be boring! True artists in the vaping world, they have an incredible range of refreshing, yummy flavours you’ll be able to enjoy all year around, be it day or night, and which will blow your mind.


The Lost Fog Collection

With so many flavours in their range, it’s not surprising Cosmic Fog has developed their own collections within it. The Lost Fog offers a unique experience of soft, silky clouds of pure flavour, since all 30ml bottles have a nicotine level of 3mg, and a PG/VG ratio of 40/60.

This collection comes in three different flavours: Streak, which tastes like ripe strawberries and tangy Greek yogurt; Baie Crème, a concoction that screams of whipped honey cream, sweet passion fruit and tangy exotic berries; and Neon Crème, a fruity blend that mixes orange, raspberry and lemon-lime in a sugary, subtle creamy texture.

Hall of Fame

Cosmic Fog’s endeavour to provide all vapers with one-of-a-kind moments doesn’t stop with their Lost Fog collection. Joining hands with Kilo and Ruthless in their quest to raise $1,000,000 for awareness and to help vaping advocacy groups, Cosmic Fog has produced a delicious brew worthy of being in these titans’ Hall of Fame, the Cosmic Razz.

Tasting like a raspberry-infused smoothie topped with hard candy, this juice has a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 that will leave a sugary, creamy taste in your mouth, rich in refreshing flavours we’re sure you’ll love!

Cosmic Fog’s repertoire also has many more bottles of delicious e-liquids for all of you eager vapers:



A 15ml juice that will leave you weak at the knees at how good it is! Mixing some of the most refreshing ingredients out there, with Kryptonite you’ll experience the sweet sharpness of melon and candy in a way you haven’t before, so give it a go and see how much you’ll enjoy it.


What’s better than cereal in the morning? A vaping juice that tastes like cereal, of course! With an original blend of flavours, you’ll savour breakfast with the sweet orange, tangy lemon and wild blueberry flavours of this 15ml bottle of Euphoria, all topped with the smooth, creamy texture of milk.

Sonrise HGH VG

This 15ml bottle will make you feel like you’re in Hawaii enjoying the sun and the beaches! Sonrise HGH VG gives you a unique taste of sweet and savoury passion fruit mixed with the smoothness and exotic flavours of kiwi and pineapples. Perfect as an appetiser or dessert, this stunning blend will certainly keep you feeling refreshed and happy!

Cosmic Fog is a brand that loves to please the vaping community, be it with striking new flavours that we’re sure you can’t wait to try or with researching and developing the perfect combination of flavour, cloud-formation abilities and nicotine levels. Contact us to learn more about this amazing brand or browse through our vast range of products to find the one you’re looking for!