Are You Taking Care of Your Vape Kit?

Ah, the sweet sensation of a delicious new e-juice hitting your lips for the very first time. Nothing could be worse than having all that flavour spoiled by an unexpected bitter taste – but if you aren’t prepared to take care of your kit then this is exactly what you can expect.

That’s right, your e-cigarette requires a little TLC if you want it to keep delivering the goods, from regular maintenance and cleaning to changing the coils when they wear out. With that in mind, here are our top tips for looking after your machine.

Keep it Clean

Hand holding an electronic cigarette over a dark backgroundSo, which bits of your e-cig actually need cleaning? For regular (i.e. daily) cleaning you only really need to worry about the tip – wipe it off before you go to bed to make sure it’s clear of both juice and possible germs. This is crucial for hygiene as well as performance, so just think of it like brushing your teeth and make sure you get it done!

Other parts of the equipment may need cleaning less regularly, but that doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook. We recommend giving the atomiser a good old clean on a more or less weekly basis: set the coil aside and clean out the other parts of the atomiser by rinsing under cool water. Just make sure that the coil stays away from water, and that you’ve dried every part off with a paper towel before popping it all back together.

Don’t Recoil from Re-Coiling



The other key thing that you really need to know about is changing your coils – but how are you supposed to tell when they’ve worn out? Most people report an unpleasant ‘burnt’ flavour which signals that it’s time to get a new coil, and although there are a few great tips for making them last a little longer, you should still expect to need to switch them out with reasonable frequency.

The best advice for keeping the coil going longer is to give it a rest sometimes! That means taking a break between puffs, and also ensuring that there is always plenty of juice in the tank. You can also choose to use a juice with more PG as this takes less of a toll on the coil; that said, you should be aware that these juices can feel harsher on the throat.

When it comes to looking after such a useful bit of technology, a weekly clean and the occasional coil fit isn’t really much work at all! Don’t forget to make sure that you get a coil that fits your make and model – we have a great range available, including high quality aspire coils of several different sizes. Simply contact us online and we can ensure that you’re selecting the right item; you can also throw words at us over Facebook and Twitter.