‘Av an Avid Lyfe: New Juice Delivery!

You know us here at Cloudz Vapour – we’re always on the lookout for delicious new flavours to tickle your taste buds with… and we’ve just had a delivery of some juicy new flavours that we know you’re gonna love!

Whether it’s a fruitier flavour that you’re looking to try or a creamier vape – we think we’ve got you adequately covered this time around!

Feelin’ Froot-y?

If you’re like us, you’ve probably stuffed yourselves silly over the festive period with a variety of sweet treats – Christmas is the holiday of chocolate, right? After a couple of months indulging in creamy, smooth, chocolatey treats, we’re looking for something that’s going to give our tongues a wake-up call from their chocolate-induced slumber.

Enter Froot and their new Bango flavour; a delicious medley of banana and mango which isn’t too overpowering, but still packs a punch on the inhale! As we’ve already stocked Froot’s successful RazBeri flavour, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to add another Froot to our basket, so to speak!

Bango is available in 60ml and 3mg nicotine level, and provides a smooth, ban-go intense vape, without the need for a complex flavour! That’s what Froot do best – simple-yet-tongue-tingling great juices!

‘Av Something a Little Creamier?

If you’re on an after-Christmas diet and the thought of something sweet starts to make your stomach growl and your mouth water, we’ve got the perfect juice for you.

Combining vanilla ice cream and mint with green shamrock syrup to top the flavour off, Avid Lyfe has done it again and created one of the creamiest, yet not too sickly vapes that satiates even the sweetest of cravings – Avid A.D.

AVID lyfe A.D
Think of a light mint-choc-chip ice cream and you’re probably mostly there; just remove the chocolate and you’re spot on. While many juices can be sickly-sweet on the exhale, Avid Lyfe have perfected their flavours to be smooth on both the inhale and exhale, giving you a refreshing, all-round vape that you can enjoy at any time of day!

The green shamrock syrup is also perfect for helping you get into the St. Patricks Day mood a month in advance and without all the added calories!

This juice has been launched after the huge success of their Avid Shakes back in 2016, adding a more minty tone to their strawberry shake line! It’s a perfect all-day juice, although many people will probably love to sit back and have a vape after their evening meal – who doesn’t like a dessert of refreshing ice-cream to cleanse the palate?

We’re looking forward to hearing what our fantastic vape fam think of our new additions to the Cloudz Vapour menu – why not share your feelings with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+?

Alternatively, give us a holla if you have any other queries – we’ll be happy to help!