How to Avoid Vape Spitback

We’ve spoken at length here at Cloudz Vapour about the benefits of vaping, and it’s little secret how much we love it!

However, now and then, there is the odd downside to our favourite pastime, one of which is the dreaded ‘spitback’.

If you’re not sure what spitback is, you will be once it happens to you and your beloved vape starts firing hot e-liquid at you!

However, there are a couple of ways in which it can be avoided, which we’re going to share with you today.

What is Spitback?

Spitback refers to when some of the red-hot droplets of e-liquid from your vape shoot up at you while you’re vaping, a bit like a boiling pan.

The droplets can shoot off in any direction, but it’s particularly nasty when they fire towards your mouth and face!

How is it caused? Well, it’s basically when the liquid gets pooled up on the coil and heats up instead of vaporizing, before bubbling up and spitting at you!

So how can you stop it? There are a couple of different approached you might want to try, although depending on your coil, you may only be able to minimise the dreaded spitback.

Up the Power

If you’re using a low wattage, then there could be a simple reason for your spitback, which is that the e-liquid isn’t vaporizing as quickly as the wick is supplying it.

The easy way to fix this would be to up your power by a couple of watts if you have a mod which allows you to do so.

Don’t Over-Prime the Coil

Some people like to ‘prime’ their coil before using it, which refers to dripping e-liquid onto it first.

However, if there’s too much e-liquid in the chamber, then this could cause flooding, which in turn will lead to spitback (the same thing can occur if you drip too much when using an RDA).

So, if you do prime your wicks, make sure that you don’t soak them so much that the liquid starts to pool on the coil, which could take a little bit of practice to get right.

However, a really simple trick if you think you have ‘over-primed’ the coil, simply hit the fire button for a couple of seconds before you inhale until you hear the popping stop, then vape away!

Adjust Your Wick

If you’re using an RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer), then there could be an issue with your wick.

If the gap between the coil and the tank isn’t properly filled with wick, then too much liquid will make its way into the chamber, which as we’ve mentioned, is a prime cause of spitback.

If this is the case, try re-wicking your coil, trying to cover the channel from the tank to the chamber but without blocking it. Again, it’s a tricky balance so it’ll require a bit of trial and error!

Clear Out the Chimney

Another possible cause of spitback is if e-liquid has started to collect in the chimney of the vape, which then goes back down the coil.

An easy fix for this is to simply roll up some tissue paper and pop it down the chimney to soak up any excess liquid.

Choose Your Coil Carefully

Some types of coil, specifically multi-strand ones such as twisted coils and Clapton coils, because their design means that liquid can easily poop, causing them to pop and spit.

It’s difficult to really do anything about this one, so it might be a good idea to just opt for a simpler coil!

Inhale More Gently

If you inhale too sharply on your e-cigarette, then you’ll be pulling more liquid into the chamber, which will cause flooding. Try to inhale more gently, or actually reduce the airflow setting to rectify this.

Switch Your Liquid

If you’re currently using PG (propylene glycol) liquid, you might want to think about switching it up to VG (vegetable glycerine). That’s because PG is much thinner, and thus more likely to flood the chamber.

Cover Your Drip Tip

Another really simple solution is to cover the tip of the e-cigarette so that the liquid physically can’t spit out of it.

You could simply use some paper towel, but there are also pipe screen filters available which will cover the drip tip and stop any spitback and some manufacturers now include covers in their e-cigarettes now for this purpose.

So there you have it, you don’t have to suffer anymore! It may take a bit of trial and error, but there certainly are some ways that you can combat spitback.

Stay tuned to our Vape Vine blog here at Cloudz Vapour for more vaping news and tips.