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At CloudzVapour, there are premium e-liquid products as well as impeccable customer service. They believe it’s important to have a lot of knowledge when it comes to products like Twelve Monkeys eliquid or Mello Buddha E Juice. These premium products come at a good value on the site but they are at a higher price point. When you have service providers that can explain why these are products worth trying, you have a greater appreciation for the taste. The signature vape juices provided will allow you to enjoy the process of smoking or perhaps tapering yourself down from smoking nicotine. There are a variety of nicotine levels that will allow you to slowly ween yourself from nicotine addiction if you choose to.

While the premium e liquid products are important, it is equally as essential that you have a good shopping experience. CloudzVapour is rated 5 star for their customer service. They are knowledgeable and passionate about vaping so all of your questions will be answered if you’re new to vape products. They also offer free shipping when you order a certain amount of product. For example, there is free European shipping when you spend over £100. If you’re in the UK, shipping is free when you spend more than £20. If you order before 2 PM online, they will dispatch your order out the same day.


Twelve Monkeys E Liquid

Twelve Monkeys is popular among vape users in the UK and has been since 2015. This vape product has received a lot of reviews for the incredible fresh flavours they offer.

Twelve Monkeys has a great pack filled with 7, 50mg bottles that contain no nicotine. You have the option of filling up with a Nic shot. Another option for purchase on the site is a 12 bundle pack. These are created because it’s hard to choose from the assortment of Twelve Monkeys E Liquid available. In the bundle, you’ll get the most popular Twelve Monkey E Liquid Flavours.

They have funky names like KANZI which is actually a sweet elixir for candy lovers. There is some basic ones that are popular with everyone like exotic fruits EJuice as well. Twelve Monkeys e liquid is am everyday vaper that is well-known for it’s simple and clean flavours. It has a long coil life and can be used in any kind of vaping vessel you have. The reason their flavour is so robust is because they steep it in flavour for two weeks. Then they bottle it. This creates a flavour that lasts for a long time. This is what also makes it quite exclusive. There is a limit of availability with Twelve Monkeys e liquid. If you can get it, it is worth it though. They have high quality flavouring ingredients and base materials. There is strict guidelines that are adhered to before it ever makes its way to you.

Twelve Monkeys e liquid is made in Canada. The flavours are all created in a lab setting. Due to the quality of the product, the company actually received Best International Brand of 2017 by fans from the Ecigclick Vape Awards.​


Mello Buddha E Juice

Mello Buddha e juice is a premium brand of vape juice with a nice vibe attached to it. Mello Buddha vaping juice was created by Liquid Sciences. They have a philosophy of finding tranquility, being happy, focusing on friendship and well-being. Their juices have amazing taste and the packaging is very Zen. If you’re the spiritual kind of vape lover or just enjoy high quality juice, you’ll love Mello Buddha E Juice. The flavours come in names that match the brand like Nirvana, Wisdom, and Namaste. Really though, aside from the clever packaging and names, this is a delightful and smooth taste. Mello Buddha e juice has liquids that are thoughtfully crafted from raw state to the finished product. This is what creates complex flavour that is long lasting and divine.

If you’re not sure about what e liquid flavour you might like best, try out the Mello Buddha Eliquid Pack. There are a variety of 10 ml bottles that you can try out. They come with a nicotine option of 3mg or 6mg also.

Twelve monkeys E liquid & Mello Buddha E Juice both have their own identity and unique flavours. They are high quality, premium juices available through Cloudz Vapour.