Cloudz Vapour Mad Flavour

Our first Blog! We are vaping enthusiasts but more than anything we love creating Cloudz! We are passionate about flavour and providing you the best quality and freshest e-juices. Our straight-forward blends have been influenced through continuous tastings and sampling in our local store, with both new and seasoned vapours.

We will continue to add more top E-Juice vendors from the US so watch this space!

One thought on “Cloudz Vapour Mad Flavour

  1. I was at a red light, casually minding my own business and vaping creating clouds out of my window when a guy on a motorbike pulled up next to me, he goes “what the hell is that” so I say: “CLOUDZ VAPOUR MAD FLAVOUR” and drove off! Safe to say he was completely taken aback. Moral of the story. Couldz Vapour have the BEST e-juice…I have tried other e-juice brands and nothing matches the collection and the quality of e-juices provided by Cloudz Vapour in the UK.

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