May 31, 2018

Quality of Your Vape Within the vaping world, there are a myriad of vaping supplies. On top of that, there are a wide variety of flavour options. Your enjoyment of flavours like menthol e-liquid will be based on the quality of vape juice you choose. If you’re not sure what…

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Here’s What You Might Not Know About Quality & Taste with Vaping

At Cloudz Vapour, we are passionate about vaping products and quality e-juices. We have built our business through passion for the products we sell. This is why we look to sell only the best e liquid to the UK market. If you’ve quit smoking and have taken up vaping in…

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Best-in-class E-Liquid Store with Finest E-Liquids

April 18, 2018

First Class Service and Products At CloudzVapour, there are premium e-liquid products as well as impeccable customer service. They believe it’s important to have a lot of knowledge when it comes to products like Twelve Monkeys eliquid or Mello Buddha E Juice. These premium products come at a good value…

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A Guide to the Europe’s Much Loved E-Liquid from the Heart of Amsterdam

At Cloudz Vapour, they are dedicated to offering premium e liquid in the UK. That’s why their online vaping shop maintains affiliation with a vaping store in Richmond, Virginia. They share your passion for the best flavour. They are suppliers of premium e liquid across the UK market with a…

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Vaping Myths & Facts: 6 Common Vaping Misconceptions

February 18, 2018

Is vaping safer than smoking? Although vaping is a relatively new phenomenon, it’s becoming increasingly popular year on year throughout the UK. In 2006, vaping or in other words e-cigarettes were introduced in Europe. Many traditional smokers began to put down their packs of cigarettes in favour of these new…

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Mouth to Lung Vs Direct To Lung Inhale Explained

February 12, 2018

If you are new to vaping or thinking about taking up vaping soon then you may not know that there are two different ways of actually vaping. The way that you take a hit can be either mouth to lung or direct to lung, so we thought we’d explain a…

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10 Celebs Who Switched From Smoking To Vaping

February 09, 2018

Whether it’s fashion, cars or our very way of thinking, celebrities influence us a lot more than we’d probably like to admit, and this even extends to smoking, with lots of famous faces kicking their smoking habits in favour of vaping. Here are ten celebs who have embraced vaping, which…

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A Quick Guide To Vape Juice Shortfills

February 01, 2018

Following last year’s introduction of the TBD vape liquid laws, buying juice has become a little bit less straightforward than it used to be. We put together a whole guide to what the laws mean in our post here if you’re unfamiliar with what the changes to the law involved,…

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How to Avoid Vape Spitback

January 27, 2018

We’ve spoken at length here at Cloudz Vapour about the benefits of vaping, and it’s little secret how much we love it! However, now and then, there is the odd downside to our favourite pastime, one of which is the dreaded ‘spitback’. If you’re not sure what spitback is, you…

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E-Cigarettes & Your Teeth: Should You Be Worried? The Facts…

January 17, 2018

It’s a well-known fact that smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes can have really damaging effects on your health, from causing cancers and heart disease to mental health problems and fertility issues. However, the effect of smoking on your oral hygiene and teeth is largely ignored in the discussion. But, smoking can…

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5 Ways Which Vaping Can Help You Quit Smoking

December 18, 2017

If you are currently a smoker looking to quit, you may be debating the best method for going about it. The new year is the perfect time for a fresh start and many people make new year’s resolutions to improve their health and kick their smoking habit once and for…

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Five Vape Juice Flavours You Need to Try in 2018

December 14, 2017

Getting your choice of vape juice right is really important to make sure that you get the most out of your e-cigarette, but the amount of choice on the market can be overwhelming, with hundreds of different choices available here at Cloudz Vapour. Especially if you’re new to vaping, it…

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