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How To Prevent Your Coil Burning Out & Make It Last Longer

October 05, 2017

It goes without saying that vaping is a much less expensive practice than smoking, but it’s not without its expenses. The initial cost of your vaping equipment can be quite pricey if you go for high-quality gear, but then all you really need to buy is liquid and coils. Replacement…

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A Beginner’s Guide To Cloud Chasing [Infographic]

October 01, 2017

Yep, believe it or not, competitive vaping is a thing! The aim is to blow the biggest vapour cloud possible, with actual competitions held around the world. Sure, you wouldn’t quite be able to pack the day job in and become a professional vaper just yet, but it’s just a…

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The Best E-Liquid Flavours For Smokers Turning To Vaping

September 24, 2017

With so many e-liquid flavours on the market, it’s easy for first-time vapers to feel overwhelmed. But, if your aim is to get off the cigarettes and become a full-time vaper, there are actually some e-liquid flavours which will help you in that process. Variety is said to be the…

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How & When To Reduce Nicotine Levels As A Vaper

September 19, 2017

Most people who vape started out to quit smoking traditional cigarettes and more easily control the amount of nicotine they were taking in. Vaping has proven to be such an effective way to help people to ditch the cigs and has been proven to be a much healthier source of…

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17 Of The Best Vaping Bloggers To Follow In 2017

August 25, 2017

Vaping has taken off in a big way in the last ten years or so, and in 2014 it was estimated that more than two million people in the UK were making the switch from cigarettes to e-cigs. As the popularity of e-cigarettes themselves has risen, so too has the…

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A World Map Of Vaping Laws [Infographic]

August 16, 2017

Vaping has rapidly grown in popularity over the last ten years or so, which has led to a number of new laws across the world, with some countries banning e-cigs entirely, some placing limits on them, and some selling them completely legally. We’ve created this map to try and give an overview…

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Travelling Abroad As A Vaper: Everything You Need To Know

If you’ve got an upcoming holiday planned, the last thing you want is to be without your e-cig whilst you’re away. It’s hard enough to keep up with vaping laws here in the UK but it’s important that you’re also aware on the rules regarding travelling as a vaper. The…

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Nicotine Booster Shots explained

Nicotine Booster Shots explained

July 26, 2017

The recent TPD regulations made a lot of us vapers hurt. With its tank, vape liquid  and nicotine restrictions, it suddenly became harder – and tougher on the wallet – to get our beloved throat kick. But, it also forced enterprising vapers to get a little more creative with their…

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USA vs UK: Battle of the Vape Juices

US vs UK Battle of the Juices: who makes the best vape liquid?

June 30, 2017

We’re here to settle a debate for vape fans: who makes the best vape liquid, UK or the US? Now, we all know that flavour preference is totally personal, and what makes an awesome vape liquid for one person, can be completely different for another. But, let’s be honest –…

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TPD Vape Liquid Laws Explained

May 29, 2017

Buying your favourite Vape Juice in the UK just got a little more tricky – but don’t worry the team at Cloudz Vapour have you sorted. If the past Monday seemed gloomier than usual, that’s because it was. May 20, 2017 was the official D-Day for E-cigarette manufacturers and sellers…

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Easter chocolate e-juices

The best chocolate juices for your post-Easter fix

May 04, 2017

Has Easter left you craving a creamy chocolate juice? We’ve rounded up the best vape liquid to hit the spot – without hitting the gut. Easter may have come and gone, but the weeks of stuffing ourselves full of everything Cadbury has to offer has left our trousers tight and…

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Things Vapers are Tired of Hearing

February 24, 2017

Have you ever heard something from a non-vaper that has left you scratching your head, slightly offended or even just annoyed? We’ve all been there at Cloudz, as people seemingly see smoking and vaping as interchangeable on most days. There are a lot of things said by these naysayers that…

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