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The Award Winning Mangabeys E-Juice

April 20, 2016

One of the five top-selling juices on our website, it looks like the rest of the world agrees with you on the quality of this stuff! At the recent Vape Jam show in London the Mangabeys juice by 12 Monkey’s won the Best Fruit E-Juice 2016! This epic e-juice is…

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What Does the Easter Bunny Vape?

March 16, 2016

With Easter just around the corner, you’ve probably seen the Easter Bunny around many shops. It’s probably all you see actually, and it might have got you thinking. And if you think like us, and you probably do, then you’ve always wondered what kind of flavours the Easter Bunny vapes.…

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Why you should care for your e-liquid

March 13, 2015

Put together by our friends over at – A fair and balanced website for the Vaping community for people to read and discuss everything to do with eCigarettes & Vaping. The marketplace for e-liquid is a burgeoning one and it can be hard to figure out which ones are of genuine quality…

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Review of 2014 winner!

January 05, 2015

At Cloudz Vapour we feel reviews are everything when buying online. It gives our customers confidence on the e-juices & we know we are bringing over the best the US has to offer! We simply had to share what was simple the best review of 2014. Some free goodies are…

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Cloudz Vapour Mad Flavour

October 14, 2014

Our first Blog! We are vaping enthusiasts but more than anything we love creating Cloudz! We are passionate about flavour and providing you the best quality and freshest e-juices. Our straight-forward blends have been influenced through continuous tastings and sampling in our local store, with both new and seasoned vapours. We will…

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