Chasing the Cloudz

Ok, so you’ve got your vaping kit, and you want to try some seriously fresh, funky flavours, huh? Then have we got the selection for you! Presenting… Cloudz Vapour “The 21”.

Yep, it’s our very own line of 21 specially created e-liquids, developed by our crack squad of Cloudz vapers in Virginia. What makes them so darn special? Well, besides the fact that they’re our babies (and we totally love ‘em loads), they’re also the perfect 50VG/50PG blend.


We had three goals when devising these: full flavour, top-quality, and designed for vaping enthusiasts just like us.



A bit of a fruity one, this. Who doesn’t want berries in a bottle? Especially ones that magically balance the tart and the sweet.









Our blend cappuccino vapour like the greatest barista-blend ever. Why even bother with a coffee shop with this little baby?








So you want sweetness and light? This silky smoke will hit all the right notes, without that sickly sweet aftertaste.









If you’re still craving that choco-hit even after all the Easter eggs, then our milk chocolate e-liquid is the one for you. And better yet, no worrying about calories!









Sometimes a cappuccino just isn’t enough, right? So down some of our coffee-flavoured e-liquid. A seriously hard-hitting wake-up call.








Cotton Candy

Unleash the child within, with the super-sweet super sweet – Cotton Candy (Or Candy Floss, if you will)! Our light and fluffy fun-fair flavour will make you wanna ride the dodgems all over again.







Extreme Ice

Ah, minty fresh! Extreme ice delivers a spearmint, menthol hit that practically begs to be mixed with other flavours.









You’re obviously a connoisseur. We get that. That’s why we developed the king of e-liquid – a rich grape flavour.








Green Apple

Fancy a tangy vape? Our green apple e-liquid nails it. We pride ourselves on the crispy taste of this sweet n’ sour blend. And hey, you can pretend it’s definitely-definitely part of your five-a-day.







Gummy Bear

Hey there, sweet-tooth. Take a blast from the past with our Gummy Bear e-liquid that’ll get you all nostalgic.








Juicy Fruits

You want apple? Or maybe pineapple? Or maybe orange? Or…? You’re an indecisive one, ain’t ya? Luckily, we’ve cooked up the ultimate in fruity flavours – the lingering Juicy Fruits.









An absolute explosion of zest, this one. A sharp citrus flavour that’ll leave your tongue tingling.

Please note: Only use this e-liquid with glass and Pyrex tanks only. Got it?







Can’t get enough of that sweet, juicy flavour, huh? Then check out our Asian-inspired lychee berry e-liquid.









Man come, man go… Did someone say mango? One for the taste-buds, you can effortlessly turn this into a cocktail with a ton of other tropical flavours.








Here’s another one for your tropical tastes. We dig the silky, creamy flavour that works so well, we even recommend mixing it up with tobacco e-juices.








Pie Crust

You know those pies your momma bakes? This ain’t that! This is our Pie Crust e-juice, with its fruity innards, doughy crust and just a hint of cinnamon.









Get a taste for the tropics. Our citrus blend is ripe for mixing with coconut for that authentic Malibu blend.








Pipe Tobacco

You’re an old-school kinda vaper, so that means you want an old-school kinda vape. That’s why we created Pipe Smoke e-juice, to start your smoke-free journey.








A sharp, yet sweet hit is delivered with our original raspberry e-liquid. It’s not too under-powered, not too powerful. The Goldilocks of fruit juices – it’s just right.









Possibly the greatest invention since… well, since ever. Ever popped a Skittle in your mouth and wished you could smoke that down? Check out this candy-inspired e-liquid.








The vape for rookies and pros – you’ll be on this all day, with its sweet, smooth and succulent e-juice.








Your mouth watering yet? Then what are you waiting for? Get hold of our UK-exclusive Cloudz “The 21” Collection. Simply hit us up using our online contact form for more details about all our products, including Cloudz Vapour, Th3riac and Boosted e-juice.

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