Christmas Gifts for Vapers

Christmas is almost upon, which means anyone in search of a last-minute gift is furiously Googling with the hope of finding inspiration. For you last-minute shoppers, never fear! We here at Cloudz know how hectic the holiday season can be, so we have gathered together several amazing last minute gifts that any vape fan would love!

So, what should you get this Christmas for the vaper in your life?

For the Newbie

Anyone new to vaping will have entered the world full of tanks, coils and even a mod or two. It can be difficult to wade through all of these things as a newbie. Everyone needs time to learn, after all. Therefore, the best gift for this kind of vaper is a starter kit. A little pack that incorporates all of the things a first-time vaper may need to get the most out of it vaping!


Alternatively, you may want to purchase them the one thing they will need to replace the most often… A few tanks can be an excellent gift to start someone on their vaping journey. A tank is part of the vaping experience that needs replacing every month or so, which makes it a good idea to have spares in case this time expires a tad unexpectedly. They will thank you for it!

Or you could always just settle for a nice case to keep all of their vape accessories safe in one place.

Max the Potential

Of course, your vaping friend may be a bit of an expert and not need any of the starting accessories. In this case, you may need to get a gift that appeals to their more knowledgeable tastes.


The coil can make or break the vaping experience. If the coil is of poor quality, or not properly connected, then an atomiser cannot be created and your liquid will not heat up. A more efficient coil will create a better vaping experience, it will also produce better Cloudz for your friend to make a show and dance about!

For the Flavour Connoisseur

For some, flavour is above and beyond the most important part of vaping. Always chasing the next flavour, seeking that perfectly zesty and amazing cloud. Treating them to a collection of new flavours is the ideal way to help sate this thirst.


Need some ideas for what flavour to treat your vape-friend to? Here at Cloudz we are loving the Avid Lyfe Shakes at the moment! These are a worldwide phenomenon; this love is well founded as the flavour of these e-liquids are absolutely to die for. This includes an amazing candied strawberry milkshake flavour which tickles the taste buds in all the right ways.

Has your holiday present dash finally over? Here at Cloudz we have many updates that will give you present ideas year-round, so Christmas 2017 doesn’t have to be so last minute! So be sure to keep checking back to the Vape Vine, or give us a follow on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages where we’ll be announcing more upcoming products that we have lined up!

In the meantime, if you’ve got any questions for our vape experts, feel free to drop us a line today!