B.O.V by Boosted: The Tutti To Your Frutti


Hello, you lovely lot. Enjoying the sunshine? Good. So are we. And what better way to relax in the summer than with a cheeky bev and a fruity boosted e juice flavour?

Sure, as pretty big dawgs in the E cig game – we know which side our bread is buttered, and when it comes to vaping the very best – we know which side yours is, too! From the weird and wonderful to the irresistibly tutti-frutti – here’s a little spotlight look into the best e juice on the vape-planet. (Bar ours, of course!)


So, guys and gals, sit down and get comfy ‘cos here’s a quick round-up of Boosted’s B.O.V juicy goodness. Enjoy.

When it comes to flavours – Boosted are pretty much the Hobnob biscuit of the vaping world, and the Willy Wonka of making juice. C’mon, bear with us. They’re in the know, and are dedicated to providing you, the vape community, with the very best product on the market.


We’re proud to stock ’em, and as B.O.V is probably one of the most popular flavours ever, we’ve currently got it on offer at a bobby dazzler of a sale price! Yep, happy summer ya’ll!

Hey, let’s get back to basics…

The Taste

B.O.V by Boosted is a taste-sensation rhapsody of 9 tropical flavours, including peach, citrus, dragon fruit, coconut, a bit of bubblegum and a pick-and-mix bag of other secret ingredients. It’ a nice, warm vape, offering a completely unique and second to none flavour, all inside one (very nicely designed) bottle. The inhale, and the exhale provide a variety of fruit blasts, so whatever your vaping level – we’ll sort you out!


Seriously, once you’ve tried this E liquid – you’ll be ordering your next! B.O.V promises to provide you with a different vape flavour, every hit, so if you like adding a bit of mix to your match – B.O.V really may just be the juice you’ve been searching for.

Go on, get some B.O.V in your cig and vape it! if fruit’s not your thang – don’t forget to check out the rest of our sweet range of juices and vaping supplies. And if you need any more information, please feel free to get in contact with our lovely jubbly team via the contact form! Happy Vaping, folks.