Coil Up and Vape: Pre Made Coils from Cloudz Vapour

Here at Cloudz Vapour, we’re peachy keen about juice. In fact, we just can’t get enough of all the latest premium juices from across the pond, which is why we’re not only dedicated to delivering US e-juice to the UK but we’re also committed to providing you with the best equipment so you can enjoy every last drop of your favourite juice.

Some of you veteran vapers out there will be familiar with making your own coils, but for those of you who prefer things on the simpler side, why not ‘coil’ yourself rotten and check out our pre-made dripper coils?

HiveHive Pre Made Coils 0.50Ohm

With all the twists and turns of this little fella, you’re looking at a big surface area and big flavour! These coils are on the chunky side so think about the size of your atomizer holes before taking the plunge.






Flat TwistedFlat Twisted Pre Made Coils 0.36Ohm

Take a closer look at these cheeky little chappies and you’ll notice those all-important grooves that help to deliver a boost of flavour – perfect!







Fused ClaptonFused Clapton Pre Made Coils 0.45Ohm

Remember getting a slinky in your Christmas stocking as a kid? Well, these guys would make for a terrible slinky with their tightly wound coils. Fortunately for you, they make pretty great coils for your RDA.






claptonClapton Pre Made Coils 0.85Ohm

If you’re looking for super strong flavours, these coils are sure to deliver it. You’ll find deeper crevices and grooves, perfect for your e-juice to soak in before it hits your tastebuds.






TigerTiger Pre Made Coils 0.36Ohm

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this little coil! With a ribbon-like appearance, this crouching tiger provides plenty of nooks and crannies for your favourite juice to hide in, and if you hadn’t guessed it already, this means serious flavour!





Alien ClaptonAlien Clapton Pre Made Coils 0.45Ohm

One of these coils is not like the others… If you look very closely at these ‘out-of-this-world’ coils, you’ll notice the wavy shape of the coils which allow for more surface area, which, as we all know by now, gives you that great flavour boost.






mix twistedMix Twisted Pre Made Coils 0.45Ohm

If you’re looking for simplicity, these twisted coils could be the perfect option for you. These guys are small but mighty, making sure your tastebuds always get the best out your juices.






You should always know what you’re doing before trying out the latest coils, but remember, we’re always on hand for a chat. Head over to our contact page or check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+ – we love to chat!

To the vapers belong the coils!