Coming Soon: The Cloud Company By Suicide Bunny

You’ll have probably got the picture by now, that we love to bring you lovely lot all the best new e-juices from all the way across the pond. Well, our collection is about to grow even more with a new addition to our happy little family.

Cloudz - Cloud

Yep, that’s right, we’re talking about The Cloud Company E-Juice. We’re pretty excited for this fresh batch from Suicide Bunny, who we all know and love, and we’re sure these juices are going to be just as incredible as the likes of Mother’s Milk and Sucker Punch!

The Flavours

We know those are some big claims, but just take a look at the flavours and you’ll understand why we’re so excited for these tasty little juices!

cloudz - ariseArise

To kick off, we have Arise, and we know this is going to be a popular one – it’s like the little love baby of Mother’s Milk and, well, more Mother’s Milk! You’ve still got that delicious strawberries and cream flavour, but with an added kick and smoothness – plus, big, beautiful clouds!






Cloudz - RevelRevel

Next on the list, we have the cheeky chameleon of an e-juice – Revel. It’s described as changing flavours with each inhale and exhale, so it’s sure to keep you on your toes. Think citrus, sweet berries, cream and cereal all in this massive mix-up of tasty goodness.






Cloudz - SkySky

Next up, we have the oh-so-sweet, Sky. You’re in for a treat with this lovely lady who delivers flavours of lemon, cookies and cream all in one delectable hit. This juice is as smooth as the smoothest operator and tastier than you could possibly imagine!






Cloudz - BillowBillow

Last and by no means least, we have the one and only Billow. Now, if you were looking for an e-juice with a taste of creamy coconut and a touch of velvety caramel, you’ve come to the right place! This tempting treat of an e-juice perfectly combines those flavours into one big cakey pile of deliciousness.





So there you have it – the next treats in store for all you taste-seeking vapers out there. Make sure to check back soon, we’ll have these yummy e-juices in any day now! In the meantime, don’t be scared to come and give us a shout on twitter @CloudzVapourUK or simply head to our contact page for a chat!