Crème de la Cuttwood Cream

Good day vapers one and all! Summer is upon us! Just take a look out the windo…ooOK, maybe don’t. But the calendar says it’s here, and that’s what counts. So, thus far this ‘summer’, to celebrate its onset we’ve treated you lucky lot to our Wimbledon Eliquid Pack and our cool guide to cloud chasing culture, but because we’re feeling generous we’ve got another set of e-juice for ya’.

How Much Cuttwood Would a Cuttwood Stockist Stock if a Cuttwood Stockist Could Stock Cuttwood?

At Cloudz Vapour we are now proud stockists of the Cuttwood e-juice range. As you’re probably aware Cuttwood are The Sauce Boss, producing premium E-Sauce for all your taste buds to froth over. We’ve got our grubby little hands on their uniquely fine juices and are looking to pass the flavings onto you. So check out our review and get your mouse hovering over that shopping basket icon as we take you on a journey through prime and vapes.



Cuttwood – Bird Brains

Perfect for the morning vapist, Bird Brains allows you to wake up and smell the coffee. Well, not so much smell, and not so much coffee… OK, let’s start this analogy again… Bird Brains smashes together a fantastic blend of flavours, combing fruity cereal with a hint of milk. This ejuice is a highly recommended blend for the sweet toothed chaser and/or the flavourly-curious.



Cuttwood – Boss Reserve

If fruity tokes aren’t quite your thing, Cuttwood
have your taste buds covered. Check out their combination of sugary honey graham cracker cereal with the toasty nuttiness of, well… toasted nuts. They splice this roasted experience with a subtle milky banana kick, giving your mouth an air of creaminess whilst still delivering on their sugary promise. The Boss Reserve has a tasty blend that needs to be sampled to be believed. So get on it!



Cuttwood – Monster Melons

We think that the name of this bad boy does all the talking. But because this wouldn’t be a review without a little bit of dialogue, we can tell you that it’s got cantaloupe melon, it’s got mango, and it’s got papaya… The result is you’re left with a subtly sweet, mouth-watering e-juice that you need to be sampling.




Cuttwood – Sugar Drizzle

Everybody likes cinnamon, right? Well, if we just heard you say “no” then we’re afraid you’re wrong. Soz. The-artist-formerly-known-as-Sugar-Bear, Sugar Drizzle blends bakery cinnamon with the flavour backing of subtle milky cereal; prepare to bathe your buds in the taste of sugary goodness, treating them to this flavoursome experience.



Cuttwood – Unicorn Milk

Don’t try and tell me that the name alone isn’t enticing enough, but let’s assume it’s not (it is). Imagine cream, strawberry, a bit more cream, followed with a variety of two extra types of cream… You’ve nailed it! If that doesn’t tickle your taste buds then your taste buds don’t have a soul.



The creamy cerealy goodness of the Cuttwood range will make you want to drag yourself out of bed early and get chasing those milky clouds. And if you can’t decide between these delicious juices, then you can always purchase the e-liquid pack! You know it makes sense…

Like Cuttwood, Cloudz Vapour is perpetually passionate and continually committed to the e-world of e-juice and are always e-xcited when we get our e-ager fingers on a new tasty range. So keep checking back on our blog and Twitter @CloudzVapourUK to hear us shouting from the virtual rooftops as we continue to strive to bring the best and freshest flavours to you!