Doctors Prescribe Vaping For Smokers

The debate about whether or not vaping is safer than smoking has been an ongoing one that has had many of us scratching our heads. Vaping had previously gotten the thumbs up from Public Health England, but there was still an air of uncertainty surrounding it and the benefits that it may have over smoking.

But today a BBC News article has been published, declaring from the mouths of doctors that smokers should switch to vaping if they wish to quit as it is much better for your health. Here at Cloudz Vapour we think this is amazing news: cigarettes are bad for you and those around you on so many levels and we know that a switch to e-cigarettes is the move many need to take to lead healthier lives. Vaping is cool and it doesn’t come at the cost of your health!

The Best Way to Quit

beautiful glamorous brunette smoke electronic cigarette

The UK’s Royal College of Physicians officially state that e-cigarettes can help smokers to quit. The prevalent fears that vaping is a gateway to smoking are rightly unfounded; it is a substitute for an unhealthy habit rather than a terrible lead-in and can benefit the lives of millions of people here in the UK.

But, don’t think that this means you will be getting an e-cigarette prescription on the NHS. For the most part smokers will have to buy their own vaping equipment in order to quit.

However, since 2012 these nifty things have been ranked the top aid to quitting over traditional methods such as nicotine patches and gum, which often have failed due to the loss of sensation of smoking rather than the loss of nicotine.

Current vapers are more likely to be ex-smokers or current smokers trying to cut down. Ultimately, someone who vapes is more likely to make the decision to quit smoking permanently and as such it should be more widely encouraged in order to help save millions of lives.

So, Get Started!


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