Entering the Hall of Fame – New Juice Range!

It’s time for another instalment of the Vape Vine, vape fans, and this time we’re turning our attention to something that is quite close to our vaping hearts, and that’s vapers rights!

There’s an epic battle going down across the pond in California between vaping enthusiasts and the California Department of Public Health, and it has the future of vaping in the USA at its core.

As our favourite pastime is becoming increasingly popular among people who want to quit smoking and adapt to a smoke free lifestyle, more and more legislation is being brought forward to disprove the benefits that vaping has over traditional smoking.

Three of the biggest juice manufacturers in the US have – like us –had enough. They’ve put aside their rivalry and decided to work together to raise money to support some of the vaping rights groups that are battling for more accurate information being given to the public regarding vaping!

Presenting Hall of Fame, the new Juice Range stocked right here at Cloudz Vapour!

What Is It?

The Hall of Fame juice range is the outcome of the collaboration between Cosmic Fog, Kilo and Ruthless – three of the biggest hitting juice manufacturers in the US. The range currently has 3 juices available, but the intention is that this number will grow in the future, giving the vape fam even more incredible flavours to play with!

Bundle PackCurrently we have the choice between Gummy Snakes – a delicious take on one of our favourite sweets of all time with a noticeable sweet-yet-tangy inhale, Cosmic Razz – a creamy mix of sugar, raspberry and milkshake and DonutMan (there’s them donuts again!)- a delicious take on a strawberry filled donut!

These premium juices are high VG and create a great tasting vape, no matter whether it’s day or night!

Why the Collaboration?

Kilo, Cosmic Fog and Ruthless have put aside the fact that they are rival companies, simply because they understand the need for a shift in attitude towards vaping; after all, vapers are the ones who buy their products!


By standing together and raising money for the causes who are standing up for vapers, such as Not Blowing Smoke, SFATA, CASAA and other advocates of vaping, they are showing the world that this really is a cause which needs our help.

For each bottle of liquid purchased from the Hall of Fame collaboration range, a large portion of the profits will be passed on directly to these advocates to help them in their battle for the eradication of misinformation regarding vaping!

They have even started their own hashtag over on social media platforms for members of the global vape fam to show their support! It really is a family effort! You can join the conversation by using #quest4amillion!

Gummy Snakes

Join the support network and grab yourself a bottle from this premium range and help these excellent causes promote vaping in a safer, well informed way! It’s the only way our vape fam will grow and here at Cloudz Vapour, we’re all about introducing new members to the epic vaping lifestyle!

If you’re interested in getting involved with this great cause, make sure you’re investing in one of juices from this great collaboration range! We’d love to see how many of our vape fam are getting involved, so don’t hesitate to get social with us over on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram and show us your Hall of Fame purchase! Alternatively, feel free to contact us if you have any other questions!