Ever Feel Like a Kid in a Candy Store?

We’ve got a confession, vape fans. We’ve got a serious problem. Every day is a struggle, a battle against exceptional odds, and the reason we’re telling you this is that we think you might have the same problem.

What are we talking about? The fact that we’ve only got one set of tastebuds and over a hundred and fifty different flavoured  vaping juices.

The struggle is real.

So, if you’re feeling like a kid in a candy store and need some help choosing your next vape, read on.

Feeling Nostalgic?

Who wants to act like a grown-up all the time? If you’ve got the urge to relive your childhood days, choose sweet candy flavoured juices to recreate that feeling of spending your pocket money on pick’n’mix and penny sweets.

We love: Gummy Bear and Skittles, both from our very own Cloudz Vapour range.

Gummy Bear Skittles

Struggling With Your Diet?

You promised yourself you’d eat a little healthier this year – but then there’s that co-worker who always brings boxes of cakes and baked treats into the office and sets temptation in your way. What better way to resist than to enjoy a deliciously dessert-y vape – all the flavour without the calories?

We love: The beignet taste of the Afterparty by Teleos, and the sugary donuts of Wayfarer by Tally Ho!

Teleos Afterparty wayfarer
Wishing You Were On Vacation?

It may be a little too soon to pack your suitcase and jet off on your summer hols, but you can still indulge your vacation fantasies with a holiday flavour. Turn up the heat, put on your shorts, close your eyes and let clouds of flavour transport you to the Caribbean.

We love: The sexy party flavours of Irie Nights by The Standard Vape, and the Caribbean fruits of Mangabey by Twelve Monkeys.

Irie Nights12 monkeys Mangabeys flavored eliquid
Feeling Tired?

Maybe you’ve got too much work to do, maybe you haven’t been sleeping too well lately. Whatever the reason, you need a little pick-me-up, and the right flavour may be just the thing to wake you up. Whether you choose breakfast cereal flavours or a toothpaste-fresh menthol taste, you’ve got plenty of choice.

We love: The breakfast flavours of Boss Reserve by Cuttwood, and the cool menthol hit of Watermelon Chill by Element Dripper Series.

Boss-Reserve-300x300elements watermelom
Need to Wind Down?

Of course, maybe waking up isn’t top of your to-do list – maybe you’d rather unwind, relax, and indulge your taste buds with some laid back creamy

We love: The deliciously indulgent creamy flavours of Saccharon by Th3riac, and Claim Your Throne by Kings Crown.

Whatever your mood, there’s bound to be a vape to suit you – so if none of the above fit the bill, why not have a browse, try something new and let us know how it tickles your taste buds? Get in touch with us or get social on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.