Flavour Spotlight: Froot Razberi

We’re getting that Friday feeling stronger than ever this week here at Cloudz Vapour! We’re in a celebratory mood, so, for that reason, we have been hunting down great flavours to help you vape fans get into the weekend vibe as well! Our juice of choice? An amazing raspberry explosion by the guys over at Froot!

So, what is it about this amazing flavour that has the kids here at Cloudz Vapour jumping for joy? Read on to find out!


Fresh fruitbowl
This is a company that we here at Cloudz have been keeping our eye on for a while. These guys have been releasing an endless flow of new juices, with a never-ending invention train seemingly full-steam ahead at their headquarters! They are a worldwide company, but they have recently taken the UK by storm and we couldn’t be happier about this development.

There is one thing that is special about this brand – you get the fruit and nothing but the fruit. With complex and ever changing flavours hitting the market, it was clear to these guys that the days of simple vaping had come and passed. They missed the uncomplicated joy of vaping one flavour. So, with that in mind, they took it upon themselves to create a range that went back to basics in the best way possible.


Fresh organic ripe raspberry with leaf in basket, selective focus

Simple. Elegant. Bursting with freshness. The Froot Razberi e-juice is something that no fruity lover will want to miss. It is a striking flavour, that unique sourness that fresh fruit has in droves but still isn’t powerful enough to make your face pinch. We love the myriad of flavours that are on the market, but there is something special about the simplicity that the gang here at Cloudz can’t get enough of!

With summer officially over, we want to hold onto the amazing flavours just that little bit longer. This is the perfect way to get that summer feel, even as you freeze in midst of a cold winter morning.

Want to get your taste buds tingling with this fresh e-juice? Contact us to learn more about this amazing brand or browse through our vast range of products to find the one you’re looking for!