Floridian Flow: It’s Elemental, My Dear Watson

You know what Florida is famous for? Sun, sea, tourists, a theme park based around a certain animated mouse… and then there’s Elemental – the vaping company that promises an e-juice for every type of vaper.


Creating e-juices that really hit the spot isn’t just some back-room hobby for these guys; it’s a serious, and importantly, a scientific business. No kidding. Not only do Elemental produce products that are of the absolute highest American standard, but they also take real pride in ensuring that the manufacture of their stock is as pure as possible.

Don’t believe us? Well, that really hurts, but ok, we’ll prove it to you. For starters, the nicotine  found in Elemental e-juice products isn’t something cooked up by a Walter White-type in his garage; it’s sourced directly from natural tobacco. And then there’s the lack of diacetyl – that’s a pretty nasty chemical that’s been linked to some super-bad health issues (And we totally advise not doing an image search for it). Oh, and finally, the pure ingredients that Elemental blend to create tasty e-juices for the ultimate vape come from the most trusted names in the pharmaceutical industry. So that’s pretty cool too.


But what about the taste? The flavours? The good stuff? That’s what you wanna know, right? And we’re happy to oblige. Here at Cloudz Vapour we stock 10 exciting e-juices from the Dripper series.

Banana Nut

A wicked-smooth blend of banana but bread and caramel that’s perfectly designed to tingle your taste buds.


Cinnamon Bun

Who here hasn’t wanted to inhale the sugary sweetness of an icedcinnamon bun? Well, Elemental have got you covered with a seductive smash-hit.



A truly delicate vaping hit comes with the cream-infused Crema – there’s no dessert vape quite as succulent as this one.


Fresh Squeeze

The citrus-sweet tang of Fresh Squeeze is, we reckon, a definite rival to an actual glass of OJ, whether it’s morning, noon or night.



Chill out your senses with the mild menthol madness that is Frost. A true taste sensation.


Key Lime Cookie

Fancy the taste of a real Florida Key Lime Cookie without any of the guilt? Boom! Check this melt-in-your-mouth beauty.


Pink Lemonade

You can keep your old-school clear lemonade. Forget the cloudy kind. This is where it’s at. Give yourself a reason to lick your lips with this zinger!


Strawberry Whip

A tantalising treat for the taste buds, arm your e-cigarette with this amped up strawberry sensation, with a creamy shortcake hit.


Watermelon Chill

This is one of our personal faves – a succulent infusion of watermelon and mint that tastes like nothing else out there.



Keep your cool with Zen, a smashing blend of lychee, guava and a cheeky hint of sweet peach with passionflower. Now that’s smooth!


You can get vaping on all of these fine and fab flavours right now, all available here at Cloudz Vapour. And if you wanna know more, you can always contact us – our team are always on hand to assist.