Get a Guaranteed Warm Welcome in Vape Cafes


Sick of hearing that dreaded phrase, ‘sorry, but you can’t vape here’? Using your e-cig might not produce smoke like a conventional cigarette, but the vapours that come out instead can make a big cloud, so a lot of bars and cafes still prefer to be vape free.

girn in cafe with E-Cigarette

If this has been getting you down then we have a great solution: head out to a vape café! Although the first one opened in London all the way back in 2014, they seem to have taken a little while to spread – now though, they’re popping up not just across the UK, but all over the globe.

These cafes let vaping enthusiasts share their favourite flavours and chase clouds to their hearts content, and are not just great spots for enjoying your e-cigarette, but also allow you to meet others who share your passion for what’s as much a lifestyle choice as simply a relaxing hobby.

And for those who are feeling like something a little stronger than a coffee, there are also plenty of vaping bars – so you can head down and grab one of your favourite festive beverages while also keeping your electronic cigarette loud and proud!

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A lot of these locations, such as the ‘Cloud Café’ in Middlesbrough, aren’t just friendly to those who want to enjoy a little vape alongside dinner and drinks, but actively encourage their users to be part of the e-cigarette scene.

This new trend seems to coincide with the growing popularity of e-cig use in general…. Perhaps not surprising considering that this year we’ve also seen an increase in big name celebrities taking up the vaping cause – a roll call which includes Gary Oldman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Katy Perry and Cara Delevinge, so certainly not small names.

Of course, if you’re going to be mingling with other vaping fans in dedicated establishments, you’re going to want to make sure that you can show off with a great kit and a good range of flavours. That’s where we come in – browse our site and treat yourself to a vaping set up that you can be proud of this Christmas! We can also help you keep your e-cig in full working order with crucial items including aspire coils; stock up and avoid having to wait to refresh your coils.

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