Get the Juice: Why Quality is Key

Right vapers, we’re back again, and as always, we can’t wait to bring you the juiciest goss – juice is our specialty after all! But today, we’re mixing things up a little bit as we’ll tell you all about how important it is to invest in the good stuff.

Here at Cloudz Vapour, we don’t do mediocre – it just ain’t our style. We’re all about the very best of the best so we will only ever sell the finest, most delicious e-juices. But why should you part with your hard earned cash for our juices when you might be able to find cheaper alternatives? Well, we’ll tell you!

#1 – Simply Put, They’re Good

Our first reason is as simple as that. They’re good quality. Our juices have mind-blowing flavours that will carry on tasting like angel tears (we’re assuming angel tears would taste pretty great) even with the last drop in the bottle. You might be able to find a cheaper option, but chances are, they’re not going to taste as heavenly as ours do.

Bottle Group Black

#2 – Because Quitting Matters

In case you haven’t already heard, smoking’s not exactly the healthiest habit and a lot of you are probably using e-cigs to help you quit. We applaud you; it can be a pretty tough challenge. But that’s why it’s important to get it right when you make the switch. That means that you want the best quality equipment and the cream of the e-juice crop. In case you weren’t paying attention earlier, that’s what we specialise in.

#3 – For Funsies

Here at Cloudz Vapour, we love chasing the cloudz, but we know that you need some top notch e-juice with a high VG content to get those big plumes that make us all feel like Smaug the not-so-friendly dragon. A cheap liquid just isn’t going to do that for you, so you’re better off choosing a slightly more expensive, good quality juice instead of wasting your dough on rubbish alternatives.

#4 – Practice Safe Vaping

You get what you pay for, so when you pay next to nothing for an e-cig, it’s probably not going to last you very long. You’ve probably heard horror stories about exploding e-cigs, so it’s best to steer clear of the cheapo versions that won’t have been made with the same tlc as pricier alternatives. The same goes for e-juices – the cheaper they are, the less decent ingredients they’ll include, so it really is worth upgrading to juices like ours that are made with food grade ingredients and pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

So there you have it, four pretty good reasons to #vapelikeasir and choose Cloudz Vapour for all your vaping needs! If you’re interested in any of our juicy juices, give us a shout over on our contact page or come find us on twitter @CloudzVapourUK – we love a good chinwag!