Getting A New Set-Up: What to Consider

When deciding on buying a brand new vaping set-up, you are spoilt for choice; Charlie in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. You are bombarded with so many different types of chocolate.

But to get the best vape experience, you need to have the right mix of everything!


Shoes, clothes, car; like pretty much everything you choose, the colour is a huge factor. Why not consider choosing a colour that best fits you? Do you fancy a green type-a vibe? Are you a mellow yellow? You’re only really limited by your imagination!

Flavour of the E-Juice

It’s all about pleasing your tongue at the end of the day; if your tongue isn’t feeling the flavour of the e-juice then it isn’t for you. We’re all about the flavour here at Cloudz Vapour; just check out our Juice Menu! But hey, why dig for a favourite? We’ve put together the top 5 for you – you’ll soon see there’s a reason they’re popular!


A vape unit is like a wallet, a jacket, a handbag, it can be a fashion accessory. Why not consider a style that best suits your personality? In fact, why not have a couple to match whatever unique chic you go for that day?

Vaper with beard in sunglasses vaping outdoor

Enhance Your Set-Up

A great way to enhance your vaping experience is to regularly change your set-up. Not only because you can ensure that you’re always working with the freshest bit of kit, but also because, hey, variety is the spice of life! Have you thought about getting a new tank or adding a new mod? We at Cloudz Vapour offer a range of tech and mech mods to enhance Vape O’Clock.

Switch Up Your E-Liquid

Like with everything in life, variety is the… well, we’ve covered that; but it’s true! Changing the  juice you use can help add a lot to your experience.  We offer a wide choice of Whatever your unique taste, we’ve got the flavour for you.

Expand Your Tricks

You can always teach a dog a new trick or two right? So why not teach yourself some new ones. We’re sure you’ve got a few tricks up your… sleeve? Mouth…? Well, we’re sure you already know how to , but the vaping community is always one upping each other to come up with the new latest trick… why not be a pioneer?

Your vaping unit has to be an extension of you… so make it the most you-iest extension of you there is! If you need a new mod, a fancy new juice, or just want some advice on how to get the best vaping experience for you, get in touch!