Happ-E Pumpkin Season

Hello you juicy lot! Now don’t think we’re overly eager or anything, but we’re pretty excited about it being October. Wrapping up in cosy attire, crunching through leaves on our stroll in the park, and of course, the beautiful flavours that seem to taste so much better at this time of year.

Whether you’re a Halloween fanatic or not, there’s no denying that there are a number of great things throughout the beginning of autumn.

As a way of celebrating October ‘the month of the sweet tooth’, here are some of the sweet e-juices in the UK we have on offer!

Boosted: Rear Diff


Whether you live for pumpkins at this time of year or fear that carrying around a spiced latte would ruin your reputation, there’s no denying that it tastes incredibly homely. Think about bottling up everything you love about autumn, and you’ll get Boosted’s Rear Diff. It’s rich, creamy, with a touch of pumpkin and spice for everything nice!

It even leaves you with that cosy fuzzy feeling associated with this time of year!




Cloudz Vapour: Cappuccino


If pumpkins aren’t and never will be your thing, then why not stick to the classic that is cappuccino to warm your cockles this season. If you prefer your coffee with a milky froth and not much more, then this juice will see you throughout autumn. Add a touch of vanilla, chocolate or caramel for a subtle blend.







Cosmic Fog: Nutz

NutzIf you’re looking for something a bit crispy to match the chill in the air, then Cosmic Fog’s Nutz is perfect. When you’re walking down the street and you catch a whiff of chestnuts roasting, there’s nothing better right?

If you can’t imagine autumn without some nutty flavours, then get your fix through your e-juice! This recipe is layered with strawberry preserve, almond butter and a subtly hint of whipped honey cream. Perfectly soft, warm and extra sweet!





Cuttwood: Sugar Drizzle

Sugar-Bear-300x300 (1)Halloween is no doubt imprinted on your brain as an occasion that is associated with sweets, candy, and more of those two. Getting older obviously means that it’s no longer acceptable to knock on random doors in order to get your treat fix, so opt for a sickly sweet juice instead.

Sugar Drizzle will hit all the right notes with its combination of cinnamon and smooth and milky cream.






So if you’re opting for a special treat this month to really feel the joys of autumn, make sure you stock up on some of the delicious flavours that you can’t get anywhere else!

For those wanting a bit more info or a bit of a chat, tweet us (@CloudzVapourUK) or shoot an email our way!