Have We Found the Holy Grail of Vaping Juices?

It’s that time of week again vapers; your weekly update from Cloudz Vapour is finally here and we have some super exciting news for you this week!

In fact, there’s 3 snippets of vapetastic news for to wrap your eyes around, so let’s get started shall we?

Just like proud parents, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re now the proud stockists of five additional brands! Our vape fam is growing steadily and we couldn’t be more excited!

Illusions Vapor – Finder of the Holy Grail?

First to join the Cloudz Vapour juice menu is Canadian based Illusions Vapor! These guys are the masters of raw vape, and if you’re looking for an untameable, unbeatable vaping experience, we’d definitely recommend checking out their one of a kind juice flavours.

Logo small

In fact, we’ve heard that you can even get your hands on that illusive Holy Grail, which apparently tastes like a delicious blueberry, maple syrup waffle! Bet you didn’t see that one coming! Clearly Indiana Jones didn’t look in the right places!

Vape Breakfast Classics – Masters of the Pancake

If you’re like us and have quite a sweet tooth (for e-juices, anyway), then our next new brand will soon be your new best friend. Vape Breakfast Classics have come aboard the Cloudz Vapour vape train and brought a delivery of Pancake Man; a spot on rendition of our favourite breakfast treat!

Pancake man

Boasting a delicious, fresh strawberry, maple syrup and a generous helping of whipped cream, you’ll never have your pancakes any other way again – real or vaped!

Each Pancake Man purchase also comes with additional gifts; a Pancake Man sticker, button and key chain, so show your love for your favourite breakfast treat in vape form!

Pop Drops – No Microwave Required

Have you every sat back and thought “I wish that there was an e-juice which tasted just like Pop Tarts?”… well now there is!


Pop Drops have pulled an incredible feat out of the bag by recreating the sugary goodness of our favourite breakfast snacks… without the calories! Whether you’re peckish for a mouthful of PB&J or a bite of a s’more, Pop Drops have you covered.
Pop Drops Strawberry

There’s no longer the need to sit patiently waiting for your Pop Tarts to emerge from the toaster, only to find one side heated up better than the other; enjoy a smooth, sweet vape every single time!

FRYD – Sweet-Yet-Savoury Sensations

Jetting over from sunny Los Angeles is FRYD and their incredibly unique savoury-sweet juices have really grabbed our attention (and we’re secretly wondering if that was their intention all along!).


Masterfully crafting a juice which incorporates the best of  fried food with the sweetness craving that always follows, the FRYD range of juices is set to be a big hit – and we can’t wait to see what you guys think!

Whether you opt for the fruitilicious fried banana and caramel or the trusty deep fried Oreo flavour, we’re super intrigued to see how well these max VG vapes do over here across the pond!


Keep an eye out on our blog over the coming few weeks to find out some more exciting revelations! With so many new juices arriving and restocks constantly coming in, we’re never short of epic vaping supplies!

So come chat with us today over on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ and let us know what you think of our new additions, or visit our contact page if you need our help!