How Much Do You Know About Coils?

Howdy vape squad!

We’ve often spoken about all of the delicious flavours that we serve up on our e-juice menu here at Cloudz, but we also want to ensure that you get enough bang for your buck! That’s why for this blog we’re going to be taking a look at the mechanics behind those yummy throat hits so that you always make the most of your flavour.

There are a lot of different factors that can affect the taste of your fave juices, and it’s not just about whether you prefer a mint-based or fruity flavour. Here’s a guide to the coils that you see bombarding your Instagram feed so you can work out which is the best one for you!


How Do Coils Work? Every time you inhale a delicious cloud of vape, the coils in your unit heat up to turn the liquid into tantalising vapour. Even with regular cleaning, however, they will wear out eventually. This means that you’ll have to replace them to get your juice back to its best flavour. Rather than purchasing an entirely new unit every time your coils reach the end of their best before however, you should invest in an RDA so that you only ever have to replace the coils. What Coils You Need Unless you have an exceptional amount of spare time and equipment, it’s likely that you’ll have to buy some coils or wire rather than create your own. The range of vaping coils that we stock at Cloudz vary from premade Clapton coils (which allow juice to collect in the nooks and crannies and give a bigger burst of flavour) to Tiger wire that you can coil yourself!

How to Make Your Coils Last

Even though cleaning away the build-up of excess juice on your coils won’t preserve them forever, they will last a lot longer if you show them a little TLC.

If you find that your juice is building up far too quickly, try some juices with a higher PG ratio. Although the clouds won’t be as billowing as from your beloved high-VG juices, it will mean that you don’t have to clean your coils as frequently.

Other top tips include making sure that your giving your coils a little breather between puffs and topping up enough e-juice so that you’re not burning a dry wick!

If you fancy getting your mitts on some coils to take your vaping to the next level, make sure you get in touch with us! You can also keep up to date with all of our latest news, tips and tricks by following us on Facebook or Twitter!