How’s Your Vaping Technique?


And we’re back! Hey folks, how’ve you been?

Well in the very busy time between our last post and this update we’ve thrown ourselves back and forth, ran around in circles and realised that some members in our beautiful vaping kingdom still vape like a smoker.

What exactly do we mean by this? Well, have you ever noticed that, as you vape, your throat tickles and you end up coughing? That’s because instead of adapting to the world of vaping, your body is still drawing in vapour as if it were smoke.

Now we know we’ve said hi to our new vaping members in our last post, but in this post, we thought we’d take it back to the basics of vaping so that all of you glorious people can really enjoy your vaping experience.


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Just Breathe It

While you’re excited to discover the wonders of the vaping kingdom and its juices such as Suicide Bunny Juice and Ruthless Juice, it’s important to understand that there’s a technique to vaping that’s simply, well vapourlicious.

Smoking is a quick hit. Smoke hits your lungs quickly and, therefore, makes your smoking experience last a couple of seconds at most.

Vaping, on the other hand, is more like drawing on a cigar. The vapour fills your mouth first, which prevents you from coughing, before you remove the device, inhale and then exhale. Teaching yourself to breathe in the vapour will prevent you from coughing as you vape!


Male Vaping with E-Cigarette


Don’t Be a Sucker

Another general mistake is that most people suck up their vapour as they would a cigarette. Firstly, not only does sucking up take up more energy than gently inhaling your vapour, but it can also damage your tank as E-liquid is drawn up and into your mouth.

We love inhaling the variety of juicy fruity flavours, but nobody really likes tasting the pure E-liquid.


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Slow and Steady Hits the Spot

The main joy of vaping is that you can relax. Taking your time as your mouth fills with vapour is a gentle and relaxing way to vape. After a busy day at work, or even during, take the time to sit down and enjoy vaping; the slower you vape, the more relaxed you’ll feel.

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