It’s All Greek to Me: The Teleos Juice Company

Well, vapers, it looks like summer has arrived, and we couldn’t be happier. Wimbledon has started and the sun is showing his face – it’s officially summer! But, here at Cloudz Vapour, we’re always asking ourselves “how could we make this better”? And, oh boy, do we have the answer for you!

Welcome the Teleos Juice Company

Yep, that’s right, we’ve gone and done it again – we’ve found some of the most delicious, most wondrous, most exciting vaping juice known to humankind, and we’re selling them for just £17.50 a pop. The Teleos Juice Company has come to Cloudz Vapour, and with a name that means ‘perfection’ in Greek, we’re surely onto a winner!


Teleos CrunchBreakfast at Teleos – Crunch

This breakfast treat brings flavours of cereal, berries, milk and marshmallow for a sweet and creamy concoction. It’s one of our fave new flavours here at Cloudz Vapour and we just can’t get enough of this combo of a certain captain’s cereal and added marshmallows.





Teleos Alpha

Cloud Science – Alpha

This is the flagship juice for Cloud Science from Teleos Juice Company, so you know it’s gonna be good! It’s the perfect Wimbledon vape with its unique strawberries and cream flavour combo that has more depth to it than you could possibly imagine!





Teleos BetaCloud Science – Beta

The second flavour in the collection has a mysterious quality to it, with flavours of pomegranate, mixed berries and just a touch of watermelon; it manages to combine to give a pomegranate bubblegum flavour without breaking a sweat.






Teleos DeltaCloud Science – Delta

Last but definitely far from least, we have Delta – the fruity and sweet juice that offers flavours of sugar-coated blueberry, acai and nectarine. This is sure to get your mouth watering and can even be mixed up with Beta for a cocktail of fruity deliciousness with a touch of sugar – that’s some serious vape!




Here at Cloudz Vapour, we know how to keep you lovely lot happy – we’re adding new flavours and brands all the time, in fact, not only have we brought you some of the best flavours from Teleos Juice Company, we’ve also launched the new Cloud Company range from Suicide Bunny. We really are spoiling you! You know the drill by now – give us a shout if you want to know more, and, as ever, we always want to hear from you on Twitter @CloudzVapourUK! Carry on vaping like sirs – we’ll see you next time vapers.