It’s E-fficial: Vaping Gets The Thumbs Up!

Hello vaperz! We have some very exciting news to share with you all today. Public Health England has officially recognised that e-cigarettes are less damaging than tobacco – by around 95%!

Over the past few years, there’s been a debate about whether vaping is just as harmful as tobacco if not more so, which according to this new study is far from the truth. They even think this misconception has prevented people from switching the ciggies for the juice.


So as a way to revel in the fact you vapers have been right all along, we’ve put together a list of how to celebrate the news!

Chase some clouds
Huff and puff and blow your friends away with your big thick cloud of smoke by following our instructions on how to cloud chase.
Becoming the smoke machine at your vaping party is the one true way of celebrating today’s news!man smoking cigarette black and white portrait

Have a fruit cocktail

One of your five vapes a day should without a doubt be in the form of a fruity Ruthless e-juice. These premium flavours range from Banana Chips to EZ Does it on Ice, combining fruit and menthol. Pretty sweet eh?

Not only do these juices pack a ton of flavour, they can also be used in a tank or drip and have a great VG ratio – trust us when we say combining all three is pretty hard to do!


Stock up on your juices

Relish in the fact that you knew vaping wasn’t as bad as smoking way before Public Health England announced it by ordering yourself some more goodies. You’ve always been one step ahead of the game, so keep on planning ahead.

Have an American themed party

As the biggest stockists of US e-liquids in the UK, we love an excuse to party like our bros and sisters across the Atlantic and with August bank holiday just around the corner, we think you should get in on the stateside action too.

Serve drinks in plastic red cups, have more burgers than you can fit your mouth around and vape the night away!

us juice banner


Accessorise your outfit

For any celebration, you need to think about what you’re going to wear. So for you veteran vapers out there, get yourself some mech mods to not only enhance your flavours but to look e-mazing.

Of course, the truest way to celebrate the announcement by Public Health England is to join our vaping family. So drop us an e-mail or follow us on Twitter for even more up-to-date vaping news!