Jazzy Boba: The E-Juice Sensation That’s Sweeping the Nation

Hey there, vape-fam! We’ve got a unique treat for you today- a brand new line of American e-juice that is sure to fill that hole in your juice collection that you’ve had for so long!

As Brits, its in our blood to enjoy the finer hot beverages in life and as many of us love a good cup of tea every now and again, we’ve been wondering when juice companies notice such a huge niche in the market for creating a delicious tea-themed vaping juice.

Jazzy Boba have noticed such a niche, and although there’s no Tetley or PG Tips to be found within their juice range, they’ve brought the new bubble tea craze that’s sweeping the world directly to the tanks of us vapers!

Creamy Sweet Deliciousness

If you’ve never experienced bubble tea- or boba tea as it is often called by the masses- then you really are missing out.


Originally, the drink came from Taiwan and is made from a tea base which is then mixed with milk or fruit juice and shaken with tapioca balls or jellies.

The bubble part of bubble tea refers to the frothy foam on top of the delicious drink after it has been shaken- sadly, they don’t just appear like magic like we’d first hoped.

So why are we raving about it so much if it’s just akin to a drink that we could go out and buy? We counter that with “why not?”


Other vaping flavours have taken the best bits from some of our favourite deserts (and sometimes even breakfasts!) and turned them into delectable e-juices to tickle our taste buds, why should bubble tea be any different?

In fact, the Jazzy Boba Bubble Tea won best in show at Vape Summit III in 2015- that’s how great it tastes!

The Jasmine Infused Kiss

If you’ve never tasted bubble tea before, then you can be completely forgiven for wondering what the heck we are going on about. Surely the flavour is going to be sickly sweet and heavy if the traditional drink is made from milk?

Luckily for you, it’s the complete opposite. The Bubble Tea flavour is described as being “Creamy, but not heavy, sweet, but not too sweet” and with a soft jasmine undertone which encompasses the taste of real bubble tea perfectly,  we’re pretty confident that you’re about to have the vape of your life when you pick up a bottle of this delicious e-juice.

Manggo Boba

If fruit flavours are more your thing, there’s a mango flavour which really scratches an itch that we didn’t really know that we had before- a fruity, milky tea!

Oh, and these beauties are best enjoyed in sub-ohm tanks!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not getting bored of the thousands of other e-juice flavours, but we can’t deny that the creation of this bubble tea sensation has really caught the attention of our taste buds!

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