Mmmmm Donuts!

Do you like donuts? What are we saying, of course you do! Who doesn’t love the sweet taste of donuts, and the possibility of more donuts to come? What’s that? You’re about to start a diet? You made a New Year’s Resolution?

Well, vape-fans, we have a solution; a way to enjoy the sweet, delicious taste of donuts without the calories. It’s called I Love Donuts, and it’s the latest taste to join us from the juice artisans at Mad Hatter.


As purveyors of the finest e-juice in the UK, we’re delighted to bring this sweet e-juice all the way from sunny LA direct to your door. Made in a 60% VG mix, and therefore most suited to sub-ohm tanks, it delivers a delicious rich cloud with plenty of flavour, with the fresh, fruity taste of blueberries cutting through the sugary flavour of glazed donuts for the perfect mix. Without the fruit overtones, you might have found this to be a delicious occasional vape, but with blueberry tang to balance it out and an ultra light 3mg nicotine hit you’ll be able to enjoy this flavour all day long.

The packaging is just as sweet as the juice itself; the bottle comes packed in a miniature pink donut box, for a complete donut-lovers experience. The delicate pink of the juice in the bottle is bound to make you think of the classic pink glazed donut, and by itself could be enough to make you tip your head back and gurgle in anticipation, Homer Simpson style.

Pink donuts iStock_000007092909_Small

So, while you’re sticking faithfully to that New Year’s diet, you don’t have to avoid any tea parties – with this flavour in your tank, being surrounded by donut-munching pals won’t be a strain on your willpower, and you can celebrate every unbirthday in blissful clouds of sweet donut flavour.

While we’re on the subject of donuts, we’d also like to tip our hats towards the good chaps at Tally Ho Vapor Tonic, whose Wayfarer juice also offers the delicious taste of donuts – this time those with a mild berry jam filling.

Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?

Well, sadly they can’t keep your tank stocked with delicious premium e-juices, but you’ve got the team right here at Cloudz Vapour to fill that particular gap! Drop us a line, order right here on the site, or catch up with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ for all your vaping updates.