Mouth to Lung Vs Direct To Lung Inhale Explained

If you are new to vaping or thinking about taking up vaping soon then you may not know that there are two different ways of actually vaping. The way that you take a hit can be either mouth to lung or direct to lung, so we thought we’d explain a little bit about what the difference is between the two so that you can figure out which will be right for you.

What is mouth to lung vaping

Mouth to lung vaping is more or less exactly what it sounds like, in that you inhale the vapour into your mouth and collect it there first, before breathing it fully into your lungs.

When smoking a cigarette, you have to draw the smoke into your mouth before you can breathe it into your lungs, so mouth to lung vaping will be familiar to smokers. Those who started to vape when the early e-cigarettes went on the market will also have had to vape like this, as the way the early basic e-cigs were made mimicked cigarettes.

These days, e-cigs are a lot more sophisticated, so it is no longer a necessity, however, some people still prefer to enjoy a mouth to lung hit as a matter of choice. Some e-cigs are still deliberately produced with mouth to lung vaping in mind for those who prefer a cigarette-like experience.

What is direct to lung vaping

Direct to lung vaping is more like breathing normally than smoking a cigarette. You simply breathe the vapour straight into your lungs like you do when you’re breathing air. This often feels more satisfying than mouth to lung vaping, and sometimes more intense.

You’ll probably want to go for a lower nicotine liquid, or even a nicotine free one as the nicotine will hit you more directly and can feel a bit unpleasant. However, direct to lung is often favoured by people who vape as a hobby who may be vaping 0mg liquid anyway.

If you want to give direct to lung vaping a go, you’ll need to make sure your e-cig is compatible, as some are specifically designed to simulate smoking and only work for mouth to lung.

Which method is right for you?

There are a number of things that may dictate which method you prefer, so let’s run through a few of them so you can decide which is right for you.

Generally, mouth to lung will give a better throat hit than direct to lung. If you are used to smoking, then you may prefer this as it mimics smoking a cigarette. For this reason, it is usually favoured by those quitting smoking and switching to vaping.

Aside from this, you will also tend to find that your liquid lasts longer if you vape mouth to lung, and be a little more economical.

However, if you’re interested in cloud chasing and producing a lot of vapour, then you may want to learn about sub ohm kits and get used to direct to lung vaping. Usually, cloud chasers are really experienced vapers who have been doing so for a number of years and have a lot of knowledge when it comes to mods and vape kits.

You may also prefer direct to lung vaping if you simply find the throat hit of vaping a little too harsh, or are just taking up vaping for the fun range of flavours available!


We hope this has helped to explain a little bit about the difference between the two methods of vaping and shed some light on which might be the best way for you to vape if you’re thinking of getting started.