How Much Money Could You Save By Switching to Vaping?

Outside of the obvious health concerns, one of the worst things about smoking is just how expensive it is.

The cost of cigarettes and tobacco are constantly on the rise, with an average pack of 20 being hiked to £9.30 in Phillip Hammond’s Autumn budget, which for some, could mean that you’re spending three figures on smoking each month.

These prices simply aren’t sustainable for lots of us, but thankfully, that’s where vaping could help.

We’ve created this calculator to help you calculate exactly how much you could be saving, as well as what you could afford to spend those savings on! Simply enter how many cigarettes you reckon you smoke a day below to find out.


In the short term, you’d be right in saying that the initial outlaying of vaping will set you back more than picking up your usual pack of cigs.

And while the real savings will come in the long-term, this doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank to get started.

For example, a SMOK Q-Box starter kit including a mod, tank, coils and charging cable costs as little as £38.99 here at Cloudz.


However, it’s in the long term where you’ll start to see the real savings, as you’ll see with our calculator.

With e-liquids available for as little as £4.99 and generally lasting just over a week, we’ve estimated that the average cost of liquids over a year to be just £155.

When you think about the fact that some people can spend £100 on cigarettes in a month, you soon start to realise how much you could save.

Of course, e-liquid isn’t the only cost you’ll have to bear in mind, but we’ve also taken into account the average cost of clearomisers (two per month comes to £72 per year) and batteries at £10 each, you’ll probably only need two replacements each year, to come to a total yearly estimate of £291.99.

To break that down, that’s just £24.33 a month, £5.61 a week and 80p a day! No matter how much or little you smoke, that’s some pretty clear savings to be made.

What’s more, if you find a particular liquid that you like, you can start to buy it in bulk and save even more.

So How Much Could I Save?

Obviously this depends on a few factors, but enter the average amount of cigarettes you think you smoke into our calculator and we’ll give you an estimate!

Where things start to get really interesting though, is when you start to realise what you could be putting all those savings towards!

For example, if you smoke ten a day, you could save £1,089.39, enough to purchase a fancy new 64GB iPhone X.

However, if you’re smoking even more, such as twenty or thirty a day, over the course of the year you could afford a dream holiday to Walt Disney World or Barbados!

And even if you’re only on around five a day, you could still be saving enough for a cheap break to the Costa Blanca!

Check out the calculator here to see how much you could be saving!