Nicotine Booster Shots explained

Nicotine Booster Shots explained

The recent TPD regulations made a lot of us vapers hurt. With its tank, vape liquid  and nicotine restrictions, it suddenly became harder – and tougher on the wallet – to get our beloved throat kick. But, it also forced enterprising vapers to get a little more creative with their vape juice UK, in an effort to still enjoy the choice and value that they’re used to, while still playing nice with the TPD regulations. Enter: Nicotine Booster shots for DIY mixing. While DIY mixing is definitely not a new, it’s been a bit of a niche market – that is, until nicotine shots came on the scene creating an easier and and more accessible way to mix your juice.

So what is a vape liquid nicotine shot and how does it work?
First, here’s a quick recap on the TPD ruling on nicotine: As of May 2017, all e-liquid containing nicotine was restricted to 10ml (read how the other rules affect you here). Now, what is still legal (at least for now) is the sale of larger sized nicotine-free vape juice UK, which is where nicotine shots come in. Nicotine shots themselves can be TPD compliant because they’re 10ml in size with a max strenth of 20mg/ml (2%). So, they’ve become an easy and permissible way to convert a larger sized vape liquid (like the 30 or 60ml vapers were used to) into a nicotine juice. While this may seem great, it creates a huge grey area in the market. And, although it’s legal it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily safe, or risk-free  – which is exactly why there are rumours are it’ll be banned soon.

What are the risks?
Here at Cloudz, we’re not fans of DIY mixing, and here’s why: it can be dangerous. Essentially you’re playing at being a chemist, and while there are mixing calculators to help you get the correct amounts, there’s also  a whole lot of room for error – and error is definitely not something you want when dealing with nicotine.

If you don’t have the expert knowledge, the experience or the eye for detail, playing with nicotine can be risky, especially if you’re using a higher strength and it’s spilled and absorbed into your skin. This is especially true of the rogues out there buying non-compliant nic shots from places like China – which is like playing roulette with your life because you don’t know what the purity is, or even what you’re dealing with. While  Chinese imports may not be a huge risk for most DIY-ers (given that the TPD compliant nic shots are high quality), there is still plenty of risk is in amateur mixing especially in potentially ending up with a juice not fully mixed leaving you with globule of pure nicotine within your bottle that could end up directly into your tank.

The bottom line is that it’s just not safe for the regular punter. There’s too many ways to get it wrong, and you could be putting your health at risk. At Cloudz, we’re pro-vape and because we’re dedicated to getting you the best hit possible, we stock only premium e-liquid. Which is why,  in our opinion DIY mixing, even with nic shots just isn’t worth it. We’d rather leave it to the experts with the money, the artisanal process and the expertise to bring you quality vape liquid and killer flavours.

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