No More Monkey Business, Unless it’s Twelve Monkeys


Howdy again Vapes and Vapettes! Today we have some more exciting news for everyone! As you’re probably quite aware by now, we’re absolutely mad for all different kinds of vaping juice, so it gives us great pleasure to announce that soon Twelve Monkeys e-liquid will be swinging its way into our stock lines! 


Why are we so excited? Well, Twelve Monkeys e-liquid is not just any old e-liquid; it’s designed for premium flavour at a reasonable price (See, great right?).

We’re also excited because these e-liquids offer some of the most exotic flavours we’ve ever heard of, but each one sounds just as tasty as the next. You might be disappointed to know though, that there’s no banana flavour. (Banana…monkeys…get it?)

Okay, bad monkey jokes aside, you must be wondering what flavours this new line offers. Trust us when we say these flavours are definitely a must try for any vaper.

Firstly we have Congo Custard which will transport you to the deep, luscious forests of the Congo with a rich flavour of strawberry custard. With careful layering, two additional vanilla flavourings are added to elevate the flavour of fresh, hand-picked strawberries.

Congo Custard

Next we have Tropika which has been crafted as a perfect blend of exotic tropical flavours from South America. The careful combination of tropical fruits makes this e-liquid one of the most palette pleasing fruity blends available! Give your taste buds an exotic break while they make their way, identifying all the different fruits.


If you’re tired of hunting for the perfect morning pick me up, why not try the O-Rangz e-liquid? This careful marriage of citrus fruits with wheat cereal, finished with a hint of creamy milk, makes for the perfect cure for the morning blues.


(Of course this is not to be used as an actual meal replacement.)

The Caribbean cousin to Tropika, Mangabeys will transport you to the sun-kissed shores of the Caribbean islands. This refreshing blend of pineapple, guava and mango is accented by a mixture of Caribbean fruits and is perfect for those summer days, basking in the sun’s glory.


Last but not least, we have Kanzi. Made with more than just a sweet tooth, Kanzi fuses the flavours of strawberries, watermelon and a hint of kiwi to create the most mouth-watering candy concoction around. This creation is sure to satisfy even the fussiest sweet connoisseur.



With these new additions to the Cloudz family, there’s even more reasons to begin your vaping journey with us. For more info, get in contact with our friendly team who will be more than happy to help. If you feel like getting more involved with what we do, follow us on twitter to keep up to date with all things vaping!

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