One Hit Wonder Works Their Mini Muffin Man Magic

Get your pre-orders in fast, because the genius minds behind the Muffin Man and Milk Man have a whole new blend to get your taste buds tingling (even your e-cig will be excited for this one)!

Cloudz Vapour are over the moon to introduce the very limited edition…

Mini Muffin Man.

Right off the bat, you’re going to want to know what it tastes like, right? Well, if you’re familiar with its older brother, Muffin Man, then you may have an idea where One Hit Wonder are taking their Mini Muffin Man e-liquid.

Rather than opting for the robustly complex original Muffin Man flavourings (Apple, cinnamon, muffin), this mini variety (We like to call it the Triple-M) is a straightforward blend. It consists of strawberry muffin. That’s it. How clean is that? A smooth and sweet vape you’ll absolutely adore.


Go on, think of the best strawberry muffin you’ve ever had.

Imagine that rich doughy texture, feel that ooh-just-sugary-enough flavour, and the tang of berries in the after-taste. Well, we’re please to say that Mini Muffin Man precisely delivers on that dream. This really is like the world’s finest muffin in an e-juice.

So now you’re wondering what makes it ‘mini’? That’s because the MMM is a limited edition flavour – in fact, One Hit Wonder explicitly states that our friend the Muffin Man has ‘only baked a small batch of these, so get ‘em while they’re hot!’

One Hit Wonder

The upshot of this is that Mini Muffin Man is only available in 100ml bottles. That’s a little less than the usual One Hit Wonder offering, which is typically 180ml, but if it means a few more people get to try this incredible e-juice, we’re totally down with that. You can also get two nicotine levels here: 3mg and 6mg. That’s for an e-juice with a PG / VG ratio of 20/80.

We’ll be getting our batch in pretty shortly – it’s due very early next month – so we urge you to definitely get your pre-order in before the Mini Muffin Man runs out.

To make sure you get your hands on Mini Muffin Man, just contact the Cloudz crew today and we’ll make sure your experience is as smooth as your Mini Muffin Man vape. After all, what the Muffin Man wants the Muffin Man gets.