Police Man Reporting for Duty!

It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago that we were talking about donuts here on the Vape Vine, but once again the sugary treat has cropped up in one of our newest flavours… and we’re just as excited about sharing this one with you too!

After all, like we’ve said in a previous blog, “Who doesn’t love the sweet taste of donuts”?

Introducing to you, our ever-growing vape fam – the incredible Police Man flavour from e-liquid juggernauts OneHitWonder!

This tasty new e-juice tickle our laughing muscles by playing on the old classic gag that police men just looooove donuts – again… who doesn’t?  It also tickles those all important taste buds by combining three of our favourite sweet treats; cereal, donuts and marshmellow.

Now, we know what you’re probably thinking… who would even think of putting donuts, cereal and marshmellow all together in the first place? Well, let us tell you… a genius that’s who!

This delicious juice comes in an incredible 80% VG mix, giving you a huge, donut flavoured cloud; donut dragon, anyone? Without being too sickly sweet, Police Man seems to have set the bar high for future sugary treat related e-juices and – dare we say it – lay down the law for others to follow!

Not only is this wonderful addition available in 3 nicotine levels; 0, 3 and 6 mg respectively, it’s the first time that this particular member of the police force has stepped foot in the UK, and, here at Cloudz Vapour, we’re excited to have been the first vaping company to get our mitts on it and bring it to our vape fam from across the pond!

beautiful glamorous brunette smoke electronic cigarette

It’s definitely one of our favourite flavours for 2016 and we’re glad that more juice giants are taking up the donut gauntlet – yes, we’ve just made that a thing, doesn’t it sound great? – bringing us the most delicious sweet treat flavours to vape to our hearts content without having to worry about our calorie intake!

Best enjoyed in sub-ohm tanks, this police man is now firmly walking the beat with vaping enthusiasts all over the world!

Being stockists of some of the most delicious e-juice in the UK has its perks and we’re extremely excited to be able to bring Police Man to you all the way from sunny LA. Keep an eye out for more Cloudz Vapour exclusives coming your way in the future… there’s plenty of them planned!

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