How To Prevent Your Coil Burning Out & Make It Last Longer

It goes without saying that vaping is a much less expensive practice than smoking, but it’s not without its expenses. The initial cost of your vaping equipment can be quite pricey if you go for high-quality gear, but then all you really need to buy is liquid and coils.

Replacement vape coils are then the most pricey part of vaping, so it’s in your best interests to keep them running smoothly for as long as possible. In reality, you should be changing your coils at least every few weeks as a burnt out coil can leave you with a bad taste when you vape.

So, as much as it is a pain to be changing your coils frequently, it is in your favour to do so. But, if you want to find out how you can make your coil last longer and prevent it from burning out so quickly, keep reading.

Only buy coils from trusted manufacturers

Of course, it’s tempting to buy cheap coils from non-reputable websites or manufacturers, but this is not a good practice, as high-quality coils from respected manufacturers are more likely going to last longer; you do tend to get what you pay for when it comes to coils.

In fact, as a general rule of thumb, you should never base a purchase of vaping equipment solely on price because you could easily end up with sub-par purchases, giving you a sub-par vaping experience. There are plenty of reputable vaping retailers around such as ourselves so you’ll never be short of places from which to buy decent vaping equipment.

PG or VG juices?

It’s important to understand the difference between high-PG and high-VG juices. High PG juices tend to be poorer quality than high VG juices and, due to this, they burn quicker. This often means that the coil can end up burning out quicker as it is continually heating to a high temperature. High VG juices take longer to heat and burn therefore the coil is less stressed.

With the winter months fast approaching, don’t forget that the cold can cause e-liquids to become more viscous, therefore it’s important to leave a longer duration between vapes for the coil to absorb the liquid.

Try not to take any dry or burnt hits

A really effective way to burn out your coil is to take hits when there’s not enough liquid in the tank. This is fairly commonplace amongst new vapers and will ensure that you will have to replace your coils more frequently.

To avoid this happening, always make sure that there’s enough liquid in your vape tank before you take a drag. Similarly, try not to take drags too frequently as this does not allow enough time for the coil’s wick to absorb enough liquid and cool down between hits. Also when filling juice on a new coil ensure you let it sit for 10minutes before firing to give the cotton plenty of time to saturate.

Clean your tank

It is generally good practice to take your tank apart and give it a clean even if the coil seems fine. It is quite common for small amounts of liquid to work its way under the coil into the air flow area. This area should always be dry & any liquid in here can cause the coil to not burn effectively and thus burn out quicker. As such, ensuring the bottom of your coil is dry every other week is good practice.

If you can master this vaping method, you’ll be well on your way to getting your coils to last longer and not burn out so quickly.

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