Avid Lyfe E-Liquid & Vape Juice

AV Lyfe E-Liquid & Vape Juice

If you haven’t heard of AV Lyfe before, you’re about to be introduced to a legend in the vaping world. Created in 2014, Avid Lyfe was the brainchild of Californian Erik Hutchinson who is currently the brand’s lead product engineer. His vision was to create a healthier lifestyle through vaping – an ethos which still drives him to this day. The brand began as a manufacturer of mods that were so revolutionary in design, they gained a worldwide admiration, and reputation as some of the best mods in the industry.

Avid Lyfe was the first company to introduce competition mods, that is: mods able to withstand hot builds for the cloud chasing scene, and in doing so they created a whole new category. This was quickly followed by another industry first – a release of eight different models, simultaneously.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Erik continues to push the envelope by creating high-quality, innovative designs that maintain the impeccable standards he – and the AV Lyfe brand – are renowned for. His work and legendary status in the vaping community has rightfully seen Erik be anointed as the competition “Modfather.”

So, what about Avid Lyfe vape?

The mods are only the beginning of the story. After dominating the mod scene, the brand naturally expanded into Avid Lyfe vape. First to market was Avid Lyfe Treats, a deliciously sweet vape that has our mouths watering to even write about. With a flavour that’s smooth and buttery like a rice crispy treat (including with fluffy marshmallow throughout!), you get sweet crispy goodness on the inhale and marshmallow smoothness on the exhale. Every bit as classy, and considered as their mods, “Treats” was then joined by the other must-have AV Lyfe vapes – Avid Shake and A.D. – for a tightly edited, but precisely perfected collection. As Avid Lyfe expands, they’ll continue to promote a clean, healthy, and active lifestyle and uphold their reputation for quality products that give you the best vape experience.

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