For advanced vapers looking to enhance the flavour of their e-cigs, RDAs – or Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers – are a great choice. By directly dripping the e-juice onto the coils and wick, premium RDAs can give you a more intense flavour and produce more vapour. While this does mean that they need more frequent topping up than other kinds of atomisers, and you will need a bit of skill and know-how to do the rebuilding, the deep burst of flavour is well worth it!

For those who want more than a basic vape and who love to get a little bit technical, the e-cig mod scene offers plenty of opportunities to customise your flavour and create a unique vaping experience. Choose your own atomiser, tank and mods and put them together to get the best out of your favourite e-juices.
Customising your vape experience with premium RDAs and other mods can be a little technical, but with the right kit and a bit of know-how you’ll soon be able to craft a unique piece that allows you to vape your way. Whether you’re after longer battery life, a bigger tank or a deeper burst of flavour, building your own vape unit gives you control over your vapour.

Be aware, though, that when you’re working with RDAs you are dealing with circuits, voltage and the like – so mod safely, check your ohm meter and vape smart!

Here at Cloudz Vapour, we’ve put together a selection of top quality premium RDAs – as well as the essential rebuild kit – so that you can choose your own vaping style. Don’t forget to check out our range of coils, mods and other accessories, as well as the essential flavoursome e-juice, to complete your personal vaping kit.

Got questions? Get answers – get in touch with the Cloudz Vapour team for more information on premium RDAs or any of our products!

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