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The K100 Mod is a full mechanical mod. The telescopic feature can extend to allow the use of 18350, 18490/18500, and 18650 batteries. The K100 also includes safety venting in the top/bottom of the battery tube as well as the switch assembly. Another safety feature is the switch assembly that is constructed with a reseverse threaded lock ring. This will prevent accidental unscrewing of the switch assembly when you have the ring locked. The threading is a 510 type which is compatible with most clearomizers, DCT, tank systems, and most other 510 related.

Safety Fuse: The safety fuse that is included with the unit allows the battery protection from failure. With the fuse attached with the battery inside, it is expected to disable the battery from approximately 7.3 amps with 4.2 volts and will reset once the short is removed. Another great feature is that the safety fuse is resettable, unlike other safety fuses where it is a one-time use once the short occurs.

Note: This is a fully mechanical unit, therefore there is no built in protection circuitry. Do not stack batteries as you can damage any attached devices. Please use with caution and research thoroughly as we are not liable for any damage to atomizers, batteries, etc.

We recommend using only IMR type rechargeable batteries in the K100.

Compatible batteries:

18490/18500 (can use with kick regulator)


K100 body

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1 review for Kamry K100 Mech Mod

  1. 5 out of 5


    This was the first mech mod that i got after having a MVP for a while. Still have it running a patriot v1 for my portable unit. Works like a dream really easy to maintain and a great stepping stone to the wonderful world of dripping!
    Definitely worth a look and at a great price point!

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