Tobh Atty 2.0 Copper Clone

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The Tobh V2 Atty Clone, is made from copper material body, with 3 individual parts that can be disassembled. The upper top cap has an improved fin design to provide a better cooling “heatsink” functionality, and has a conical internal design to channel the flavor while decreasing the turblant air or low pressure/idle zones in the chamber. The center body is drilled with 3 holes on both sides (a total of 6) to control air flow, while the three negative posts are .05″ in holes to accommodate a wide range of kanthal sizes. Easily create quad configuration or cotton build setups backed by a solid copper contact pin for maximum conductivty efficiency.


Copper Cap/Body, Stainless Steel Base
510 threading
3 posts with Phillips head screws
Copper contact pin
Conical internal design
Functioning heatsink on top cap
22mm diameter

Tobh V2 atomizer clone [C]

Extra Screws
Extra O-Rings


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