A Quick Guide To Vape Juice Shortfills

Following last year’s introduction of the TBD vape liquid laws, buying juice has become a little bit less straightforward than it used to be. We put together a whole guide to what the laws mean in our post here if you’re unfamiliar with what the changes to the law involved, but one of the big changes was the fact that you could no longer buy your favourite juices in big bottles.

While you used to be able to stock up on the liquids that you loved the most in large bottles to be more cost effective and save reordering so often, now you are restricted to buying your liquids in 10ml bottles if they contain nicotine.

But the vaping community quickly found a way to make life a little bit easier once again, with the introduction of shortfills and nic shots.

What are shortfills?

Shortfills are bottles of liquid over 10ml that contain 0mg nicotine. These bottles will not be completely full, leaving a bit of space for you to then add the nicotine yourself at home.

Typically these will be a 60ml bottle shortfilled with 50ml of liquid, or an 80ml bottle shortfilled with 60ml of liquid, and is a workaround to the regulations as they only apply to bottles containing nicotine.

Why not just buy more 10ml bottles?

The main reason for buying shortfills is to save money, as you save on the cost of the packaging this way by only paying for the extra liquid. In the long run bigger bottles are much better value for money. Some people also prefer to have fewer bottles lying around!

How to use shortfills

To use your shortfill you will need to buy the corresponding size of nic shot you require, and then add them to your shortfill. However, there is a little more to the process than simply pouring your nic shot in, so we’ve broken it down into steps for you:

  • Open your shortfill bottle and unscrew the nozzle
  • Open your nic shot bottle and remove the nozzle
  • Pour the entire bottle of nic shot liquid into your shortfill bottle
  • Put the nozzle back on the shortfill bottle
  • Squeeze the air out through the nozzle to let new air in (‘breathe’ the bottle)
  • Put the lid back on the bottle and shake vigorously. You want to see lots of tiny air bubbles in the liquid.
  • Breath the liquid again, and give it another good shake
  • Leave the bottle in a cool dark place for between a few days to a week to let the liquid steep

And that’s it! Once you’ve let your liquid steep for a few days, the nicotine solution should have bound to the flavoured liquid nicely, and you’re ready to fill up your tank. If you’re still not quite sure of any of the steps involved, this video shows you the basics.

How long to steep for

While some people skip the steeping step, you will get a much better flavour if you make sure that you do it. The amount of time the liquid needs to steep for will vary depending on the type of flavour and you will likely figure out the best times for different flavours and brands yourself, but we thought we’d give you a rough guide of approximate times.

Fruity flavours that don’t contain any other flavours are ready the quickest, anywhere from immediately to three days.

Menthols or mint flavours will usually take between two days to a week.

Tobacco based flavours take a little longer at a week or even two weeks.

Any cream flavours such as custard will take by far the longest time, as you will want to leave them for around two weeks, but possibly even up to a month.

We hope this has helped to explain what shortfills are and how to use them to get more out of your vaping experience. Here at Cloudz Vapour we have a great range of shortfill liquids available. Check them out here to get started!